Following an on-going global search for ambitious digital start-ups, UK ‘Smart Money’ InvestorHaatch, has today announced its first cross Atlantic investment in start-up, Iterate Studio, together with the appointment of US-based investment scout Chris Allen.

With offices in New York, Denver and Silicon Valley, Iterate Studio discovers and curates emerging technologies from around the world, conducting rapid proof-of-concept experiments on behalf of large companies – primarily retailers and media companies.  Beyond speeding up the discovery and adoption of innovative technologies, this systematic experimentation with new disruptive technologies makes it safe for an exclusive group of non-competing retailers and media companies to “try before they buy”.

UK INVESTOR HAATCH BOLSTERS US PRESENCE WITH INVESTMENT IN ITERATE STUDIO AND APPOINTMENT OF FIRST US INVESTMENT SCOUT CHRIS ALLEN 1Recognising the lack of support digital start-ups often receive, UK-based Haatch label their investments, ‘Smart Money’, with chosen innovators receiving the practical help, guidance and expertise they need to succeed alongside the vital capital investment.

Commenting on the investment, Co-Founder of Haatch, Fred Soneya, said: “Innovation requires a global outlook and Iterate Studio exemplifies the importance of this. Their focus on game changing technology for the retail sector perfectly aligns with our expertise, making them an ideal addition to our growing portfolio. We believe they have a promising future and are looking forward to working with the team to achieve their maximum potential.”

Signalling the importance of the US market, Haatch has also appointed its first US team member in Napa Valley to source more ambitious digital start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Chris Allen, former Emerging Technologies Manager at retail giant Morrisons, will work across Silicon Valley to seek out the most driven investment-seeking companies.

Speaking about Haatch’s future plans for the US market, Chris commented:  “Silicon Valley has a rich history of producing some of the world’s most successful digital businesses. It has a unique energy and an incredibly creative hub of digital start-ups who are hungry for expert resource and financial investment. By basing ourselves in the region we are in a prime position to nurture some of the globes’ most exciting and promising start-ups. Iterate Studio is a prime example of this and we are very excited to be working with them.”

Investing in the project, Haatch is looking forward to the opportunities working with a US start-up will bring to both sides of the pond.

Haatch are keen to hear from entrepreneurs or innovators that think they have an innovation they should be interested in. email [email protected] or tweet @haatch to start the conversation.  

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