UK AI company expresses hopes for upcoming AI Select Committee’s report on AI

On Monday 16th April the Lords Select Committee on AI will issue a report entitled “AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?” Active OMG is a British company whose AI, Ami, is already achieving success generating online sales leads and customer service. The company sees the market for AI growing exponentially with household brands lining up to have Ami work with their customers.

The company is expecting the AI Select Committee report to be extremely positive and pro AI.

Louis Halpern, Chairman of Active OMG, the British company behind AMI comments: “This report will examine the exciting opportunity for the UK to be a leading destination to build and develop AI businesses. Many people will undoubtedly fear AI and what it could mean to jobs, privacy and share of wealth. Our real-world experience with customers is that AI stimulates the economy and increases job satisfaction.

“New technology initiates productivity gains. GDP grows in parallel with productivity. It happened in 19th Century with the introduction of factories and manufacturing. It was the same in the 1980s with the introduction of word processing and email.

“For our customers, Ami allows telephone agents to add more value and close more deals. For a sales lead, the call is significantly more likely to be a successful sale and at a higher value. Ami filters out the tyre kickers and qualifies the prospect before passing the request to the call centre staff. Commissions are increasing and Ami’s clients are hiring.

“Our experience with AI makes me an AI optimist. We think the same thing will happen in the wider economy. Productivity and profitability will increase. The boring, repetitive bits of our jobs will diminish. People will have more work options. Happiness and GDP will grow.

“We hope the AI Select Committee report will encourage investment in AI and create a legislative environment that builds on the framework established by GDPR to protect our privacy. I am a proud Londoner who enjoys being part of a talented, ambitious nation. Active OMG is looking for the government to help us make the UK powerful and prosperous in a post-Brexit world by nurturing AI and protecting privacy.”

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