Travelaer Introduces Right Flight™, a Conversion Optimization Tool For Airlines

Right Flight gives airlines a competitive edge in converting direct online bookings by providing travelers with competitive airline flight comparisons

Travelaer, a digital software provider for the travel industry, today announced the introduction of Right Flight, a conversion optimization tool that gives airlines a competitive edge against online travel agencies (OTAs) and meta search engines in terms of converting online bookings. With Right Flight, any airline can now give its digital Customers the ability to compare a flight’s features such as pricing and leg room, with competitive brands flying the same route. This level of transparency is designed to not only help airlines increase their direct booking rates, but also give them more visibility into their conversion rates.

“The ‘right flight’ is about more than just shopping for the lowest price,” says Travelaer CEO and co-founder Mike Slone. “It is about varying flight attributes such as flight type (direct, 1 stop, etc), total travel duration, seat size, flight rating and much more. Right Flight gives the Customer the transparency in the booking process, which ultimately reflects positively on the airline using it. In addition, Right Flight improves the airline’s conversion rate, provides critical data and saves them money.”
Right Flight works with any airline booking engine, but for Travelaer customers already using its Travelpaas platform as their internet booking engine, Right Flight can be activated and configured as a core part of the platform. For those airlines using a different booking engine platform, Travelaer is looking for a limited number of airlines to pilot a beta version of Right Flight in 2018.

Within initial use of Right Flight, Travelaer Customers will not only see increases in their booking conversion rates, but also start gaining important visibility into which routes are most competitive and those which are not. Right Flight Customers can also see real time statistics and data regarding their conversion rates, which can then be exported for reporting purposes.

Currently, very few airlines understand how to optimize their conversion rates, much less have a conversion rate optimization strategy in place. In fact, a survey of airlines published in March of 2018 showed that most respondents (64%) had limited visibility or even a basic understanding of their conversion rates. Right Flight was built to immediately address this knowledge gap, and to ultimately help those airlines maximize the opportunity to convert a Customer by using intelligent flight data.

“Right Flight can give airlines an immediate understanding of their conversion rates and is a powerful tool to help them get started with a conversion rate optimization strategy,” says Slone. “Right Flight is a first-of-its-kind product that can help airlines struggling with conversion by combining data typically found on a meta search site directly on an airline site. This initial launch is just the beginning of functionality that Travelaer is creating to help airlines increase their direct bookings.”

If you want to learn, in detail, how Right Flight can optimize your airline’s direct booking conversions, please sign up for a demonstration at

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