By Kathyrn Kemp Chociej, Erado

We are all aware of the significant consequences for failing to manage electronic communications content properly, including damage to your organization’s brand and reputation, legal exposure, and regulatory penalties incurred for failing to comply with mandatory industry regulations. As a result, compliance is often perceived as a necessary evil and treated as such. Many organizations strive to meet the bare minimum level of compliance and may find it difficult to get budgets approved for any efforts beyond that. But what if you could use the same compliance tool and repurpose the data for your marketing efforts? What if compliance and marketing, often charged with different goals, could collaborate, and unify their efforts to not only maintain compliance, but potentially increase revenue as well? What if you could access all the elements of an integrated compliance platform in one place?

Introducing the four critical Elements of an integrated compliance platform

Transform a cost center into a revenue generator - with the elements compliance and marketing platform by erado
Transform a cost center into a revenue generator – with the elements compliance and marketing platform by erado

To be prepared for ediscovery, organizations must have emails and instant messages archived, as well as the ability to discuss the systems, access, functionality, policy, and structure of your electronic communications. In order to do this, organizations in the financial services and banking industries require a content capture, archive and delivery platform for the enforcement and validation of full audit trails for all electronic communications, from email and instant messages to all social media content. It is helpful when all elements of the compliance platform work in harmony: archiving, analytics consisting of compliance automation and marketing automation, and security.

The Elements Compliance and Marketing Platform by Erado is designed to help your company address challenges such as email, instant message and social media content storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. It safely archives internal and external electronic communications, while providing privacy and data security. It also provides rapid, on-demand access to your electronic communications after they have been archived.

Elements of a comprehensive Archiving platform
Erado satisfies the need for effective internal governance and regulatory compliance solutions with its Element Compliance and Marketing Platform, which automates archiving, analytics, and security functions, in effect acting as both an organization’s Virtual Security Officer and Virtual Compliance Officer. In addition to addressing multi-compliance delivery, the Elements Archive Content Agent addresses social content capture, content disposition routing, CRM integration, third-party integration, and multi-location delivery. The archive content agent allows you to easily track and monitor messages delivered to the archive platform, with detailed notification reports by domain and user.

Lastly, the archiving platform is designed for secure capture and storage of all email, instant messaging, social media, websites, and documents. Whether communications need to be retrieved for litigation hold and ediscovery requirements, to substantiate a compliance issue, or just to confirm a contractual modification, the Elements Archiving Platform by Erado provides tamper-proof archiving of content, real-time content inspection, and preserves the communication or conversation order.

Elements of a Security Platform you can trust
The security platform addresses issues such as message security, digital loss protection, encryption, and disaster recovery. With this platform, every message is scanned for PII and securely sends only messages that require encryption. Erado’s MS Office 365 compliance package seamlessly integrates archiving and email encryption by capturing and archiving all of your hosted exchange mail traffic, and automatically encrypts sensitive email.

Elements of a Hosted Services Platform to make your life more manageable
In addition to archiving, analytics and security, hosted services such as email and instant messaging, websites and email marketing are an optional offering in this integrated compliance platform.

Elements of a robust Analytics Platform – where the magic happens
The analytics platform focuses on regulatory content surveillance and reporting, trade surveillance notification and reporting, advertising review notification and reporting, and business intelligence functions such as bidirectional lead generation notification and reporting. The analytics platform helps reduce review time spent across all channels. You have the ability to apply surveillance policies to email, instant messages and social media, utilizing directional searches based on your organization’s content definitions. You can even view and download reports in virtually real-time for archiving and remote journaling, retention policies and litigation holds, reviewer permissions and group access. Even better, you are able to evaluate content for compliance across all media types.

Now imagine the elements of compliance working in tandem with the elements of marketing automation

What if you could capture social listening and life event notifications from social media channels and funnel them for lead generation notification and reporting efforts? Would that be of benefit? Would that allow you to capture the necessary cost of the compliance tool, to drive sales?

The Elements Compliance and Marketing Platform by Erado allows for real-time management and contextual capture of messages and data across all forms of real-time communication channels. It combines enhancements in compliance reporting with a streamlined workflow, thereby providing more insight into messaging activity throughout the organization and expediting the supervisory review process.

Simply put, the Elements Compliance and Marketing Platform by Erado can be utilized to address internal governance and compliance issues, while lowering your overall total cost of ownership and potentially generating new revenue.

About the Author:
Kathyrn Kemp Chociej is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Erado, an innovator in electronic communication compliance. The Elements Compliance and Marketing Platform by Erado addresses challenges organizations face relative to meeting internal governance and regulatory compliance requirements and lowering total cost of ownership. Erado is headquartered in Renton, Washington. For more information, visit

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