Tommy Bahama Expands Partnership with Thanx to Drive Revenue for Restaurant Locations

Thanx, a leading provider of customer engagement and retention tools for restaurants and retailers, announced today an expanded partnership with Tommy Bahama to effectively engage and retain its restaurant customers nationwide with Thanx Campaigns.

Tommy Bahama selected Thanx Campaigns, Thanxs fully integrated marketing and communications features, to power multi-channel, segmented, and personalized campaigns to consumers. The Thanx customer engagement platform syncs with the guests selected form of payment, allowing for a true view of the customers purchasing behavior while giving operators the opportunity to measure the impact and success of every campaigns by looking at the most important metric: revenue earned.

Our retail stores are data-driven, however, we needed that same level of insight into our restaurant business. Thanx Campaigns was the clear choice as we are now able to understand our restaurant customers better than ever and make real-time marketing decisions based on their immediate behavior to deliver the most targeted, action-driven communication to our guests, said Rob Goldberg, Executive Vice President, Restaurants & Bars for Tommy Bahama. The initial rollout was so successful that we quickly saw the value of implementing this tool across our restaurants on a national level in order to drive brand loyalty and customer engagement in a meaningful way.

Thanx Campaigns uses consumer behavior to best determine what type of marketing message should be sent to each consumer by aligning customer preferences with their preferred method of communication “ email, SMS, or push notification. Every campaign produces a precisely calculated incremental revenue measure through control groups and Thanxs proprietary credit card and POS integrations to provide a quantitative measure of success.

We are thrilled to take our relationship with Tommy Bahama to the next level with the national expansion of Thanx Campaigns, said Thanx CEO and Founder, Zach Goldstein. In less than six months, Tommy Bahama saw increased engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue with Thanx Campaigns and were confident our platform will continue to help Tommy Bahama own conversations with customers on a deeper level to amplify loyalty, and ultimately drive greater revenue at restaurants across the nation.

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Thanx ( is the Customer Engagement solution for restaurants and retailers. As the system-of-record for customer data, Thanx delivers deeper, data-driven relationships that increase same-store sales and lifetime value from top customers and acquires more who look like them. Creating long-term loyalty is about far more than rewards, which is why Thanx combines customer feedback, referral marketing and segmented, multi-channel and real-time messaging into a single platform. As a result, Thanx turns good customers into raving fans and measures the impact of every customer communication in measurable incremental revenue generated through deep integrations with credit card networks and points of sale. Thanx was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The Company is financially backed by some of the best venture capitalists in the industry including Sequoia Capital.

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