Despite being deep in the recession, it is still vital that companies invest in their staff, ensuring that they are fully trained and completely satisfied in their work environment. This in turn helps to ensure staff are committed to providing a high level of customer service.

Nigel Jameson
Nigel Jameson

In 2011, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that just 48% of employees were in an employer’s scheme. The ONS also pointed out that, in the private sector, defined benefit (DB) schemes- which are typically final-salary versions- were still the most common type of work place pension scheme, covering 63% of staff who were in any scheme at all.

The Shield Group believes it is equally important that our staff receive a return on investment from the exceptional hard work they put into a company. In response to this, The Shield Group has forged a unique collaboration with the Staff Association that has enabled them to introduce an exciting new range of benefits now available to our employees.

On the premise that any employee is looking for that “something extra” and something that they will immediately see the advantage of, the benefits that are included within this scheme certainly fall into that category and will literally save them money.

The scheme that has been devised, utilising the buying power of BHSF Services, one of the market leaders in this field, gives them control over the benefits they take. Some are free, and some involve a small monthly outlay; the choice is with the employee as to what is best for him or her and their family.

The scheme incorporates discounts from major retailers on both day-to-day items and those more “special” purchases. This includes food and drink, fashion, days out and electrical products. For a small outlay, access can be gained to other services including a health cash plan, personal accident insurance, optical and dental care and travel insurance. And for those times when an expert is needed, and perhaps someone more independent to turn to, our employees will have free access to counselling services and legal advice – not just for them, but for their family as well: and more importantly, noting the hours that some of our staff work, this is available any time of the day or night.

We anticipate that this will be a valuable benefit and one that will mark The Shield Group out as an “employer of choice”.

Earlier this year, The Shield Group underwent a rebrand, offering a Total Security Solutions model which provides businesses with a single, dedicated and experienced supply of security service nationally. As we are dedicated to offering our clients the best service, we are also dedicated to ensuring our employees get the most out of their company and feel proud to be part of the Shield family.

Nigel Jameson is Head of HR at The Shield Group, UK’s tenth largest business security company. The Shield Group provides innovative, streamlined and specialist security services to its customers nationally, implemented under a total security solution business model.

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