Shanghai Pudong Development Bank announces global loyalty points exchange service in partnership with Kaligo Solutions

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB), a top ten Chinese financial services player, today announced a strategic partnership with Kaligo Solutions, the global leader for innovative loyalty technology, connecting SPDB’s loyalty schemes to dozens of major frequent traveller programs globally.

The partnership meets SPDB’s strategic objective of bringing to market a new wave of innovations for its multiple loyalty programs. In working with Kaligo’s breakthrough technology, the bank delivers on its commitment to providing customers the most engaging user experiences and exceptional premium rewards value.

Leveraging Kaligo’s industry-leading TransferConnect loyalty currency marketplace, SPDB is now offering its 30M customers the ability to exchange their loyalty points for airline miles and hotel chain points with a broad selection of favourite rewards programs. The new exchange service is available conveniently through SPDB’s iOS and Android mobile applications. Real-time status updates and instant exchange fulfilment ensure a delightful customer experience.

TransferConnect is the world’s first marketplace dedicated to connecting leading financial services brands with frequent traveller rewards programs globally. Banks who join the TransferConnect network benefit from the simplicity of a single technical integration and the opportunity to work with dozens of airline and hotel rewards program partners in a single effective ecosystem.