Say Partners with DriveWealth to Power Proxy Voting, Transforms the Role of an Investor

Say„¢, a technology platform for open communication between companies and their owners, today announced a partnership with digital clearing brokerage DriveWealth, to give all investors the ability to vote.

With voter interest on the rise ahead of the November 6th U.S. midterm elections, most investors do not even know they have a right to vote, and the few who do choose not to because the proxy voting system today is fundamentally broken.

Shareholders have the opportunity to make history though frictionless, open communication and access to Says voting technology. The partnership, comprised of Says API-based, scalable, and secure proxy and shareholder communications tools, and DriveWealths advanced digital brokerage platform, will increase the lifecycle and engagement levels of investors. DriveWealths customers will be given early access to Says forthcoming shareholder engagement tools.

DriveWealth has used technology to modernize the legacy brokerage model, increasing efficiency and reducing costs feature by feature across the investing lifecycle, said Robert Cortright, CEO of DriveWealth. The investor communications and proxy voting system seemed impervious to innovation until we saw what Say was building. The future potential of our long-term partnership is whats most exciting to us.

We expect people will prefer to keep their wealth where they have a say, added Jeff Cruttenden, CEO of Say. Investors on DriveWealth-based platforms can do almost everything with a simple swipe on their phone. Now theyll also be able to vote.

Brokers and custodians who want to give their customers Say„¢ should contact [email protected]. Brokers, advisors, and mobile financial services companies who want access to DriveWealths proprietary investment platform and modern suite of APIs, including Say„¢, should contact [email protected].

About Say„¢

Say is a New York-based technology company offering new tools for shareholder voting and engagement. For broker-dealers and custodians, Say turns distribution of mandatory shareholder materials into an engagement and brand opportunity, increasing customer stickiness, new account openings, and asset growth. Say also enables issuer-shareholder interaction outside the traditional framework of investor communications, giving companies unprecedented, low-cost access to their shareholder base and providing shareholders access to previously unused or non-existent ownership rights.

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About DriveWealth

DriveWealth Holdings, Inc., wholly owns DriveWealth, LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC. DriveWealth, LLC is a licensed carrying and self-clearing broker offering digital brokerage solutions to broker-dealers, advisors and online partners worldwide through its proprietary investment platform. DriveWealths brokerage platform is used by hundreds of thousands of clients in over 150 countries. DriveWealth, LLC delivers access to the U.S. securities markets along with an array of digital products that power both emerging and established financial companies.

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