RISC-V Foundation Showcases Continued Momentum and Growth at Embedded World 2019

RISC-V Foundation:

WHERE: Hall 3A, Booth No. 3A-536, N¼rnbergMesse, Messezentrum 1, 90471 N¼rnberg, Germany

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 26 “ Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019

WHAT: At Embedded World 2019, the RISC-V Foundation will be exhibiting at Hall 3A, Booth No. 3A-536, and will feature live demonstrations from co-exhibiting RISC-V Foundation member companies Andes Technology, CloudBEAR, GreenWaves Technologies, Imperas Software, SiFive, Syntacore and UltraSoC. Throughout the show, the booth will feature talks from RISC-V Foundation member companies. The RISC-V Foundation is also hosting a scavenger hunt across the show floor, challenging attendees to visit different booths in the RISC-V ecosystem for the chance to win a prize.

The main conference program will also feature a variety of RISC-V sessions, including a full day of RISC-V talks on Feb. 26 and a half-day RISC-V Workshop on Feb. 27, chaired by Cesare Garlati at the prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security. Speaking sessions include:

Session 5.1: RISC-V I Overview (Feb. 26)

  • RISC-V; Practical Industry Approach to Getting Started with This Technology
    • When: 9:30 “ 10 CET
    • Who: Robert Oshana, NXP Semiconductors
  • How to Benefit from RISC-V Based Linux for Embedded Industrial Applications
    • When: 10:00 “ 10:30 CET
    • Who: Krishnakumar R, Microchip Technology
  • The Soul of a New SoC: Hands-on Experience with Embedding a RISC-V Core
    • When: 10:30 “ 11 CET
    • Who: Onno Martens, Trinamic Motion Control Gmbh & Co. KG
  • Methodology for Implementation of Custom Instructions in the RISC-V Architecture
    • When: 11:30 “ Noon CET
    • Who: Larry Lapides, Imperas Software
  • Compliance Methodology and Initial Results for RISC-V ISA Implementations
    • When: Noon “ 12:30 CET
    • Who: Lee Moore, Imperas Software

Session 5.2: RISC-V II Security (Feb. 26)

  • Maintaining Security in a Heterogeneous and Changing World
    • When: 14:30 “ 15:00 CET
    • Who: Jon Geater, Jitsuin; Cesare Garlati, prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security
  • A New Zero-Trust Model for Securing Embedded Systems
    • When: 15:00 “ 15:30 CET
    • Who: Chris Conlon, wolfSSL; Cesare Garlati, prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security

Session 5.3: RISC-V III System (Feb. 26)

  • User Mode Interrupts: a Must for Securing Embedded Systems
    • When: 16:00 “ 16:30 CET
    • Who: Prof. Sandro Pinto, Universidade do Minho; Cesare Garlati, prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security
  • Embracing a System Level Approach: Combining Arm & RISC-V in Heterogeneous Designs
    • When: 16:30 “ 17:00 CET
    • Who: Gajinder Panesar, UltraSoC
  • RISC-V: High Performance Embedded SweRV Core Microarchitecture, Performance and Implementation Challenges
    • When: 17:00 “ 17:30 CET
    • Who: Dr. Zvonimir Bandic, Western Digital

Class 5.2: RISC-V Workshop (Feb. 27)

  • How to Build a RISC-V Embedded System In Just 30 Minutes
    • When: 9:30 “ 10:30 CET
    • Who: Cesare Garlati, prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security; Drew Barbier, SiFive
  • How to Secure a RISC-V Embedded System In Just 30 Minutes
    • When: 10:30 “ Noon CET
    • Who: Cesare Garlati, prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security; Don Barnetson, Hex Five Security
  • Trusted Execution Environments: A System Design Perspective
    • When: Noon “ 12:30 CET
    • Who: Cesare Garlati, prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security; Boran Car, Hex Five Security

Session 6.3: Software Engineering II Design & Modeling (Feb. 27)

  • Design Cycle Acceleration for Hardware/Software Co-Design with Renode
    • When: Noon “ 12:30 CET
    • Who: Steve Milburn, Dover Microsystems and Michael Gielda, Antmicro

Expert Panel (Feb. 27)

  • Opportunities and Risks in Open Source Processors
    • When: Noon “ 13:00 CET
    • Who: Cesare Garlati, prpl Foundation and Hex Five Security; Markus Levy, NXP Semiconductors; Ted Marena, Western Digital; Tim Whitfield, Arm

Read more about RISC-V activities at Embedded World here: https://riscv.org/2019/02/embedded-world-2019.

To learn more about the RISC-V Foundation, its open, free architecture and membership information, please visit: www.risc-v.org. To schedule a meeting at Embedded World, please email [email protected].

About RISC-V Foundation

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