RCI Bank and Services Deploys DataStax, Rolls Out 360-Degree Customer View

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With DataStax Enterprise, RCI Bank and Services Gets a Holistic Customer View, Allowing Each Customer to Get the Right Message on the Right Channel

DataStax, powering the Right-Now Enterprise with the always-on, distributed cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™, today announced it has rolled out its solution at RCI Bank and Services (RCI Bank). In order to address an ever-increasing volume of customer data and information silos, RCI Bank selected DataStax Enterprise (DSE) to create a consolidated view of customer data, allowing each customer to get the right message on the right channel.

The Challenge: Improve Customer Data

Formerly known as Renault Crédit International, RCI Bank is a French international company specializing in automotive financing and insurance for Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

Handling more than 4 million service contracts a year, RCI Bank was facing an overwhelming volume of client data and was also having a tough time getting a clear view of customer behavior and activity due to data silos.

“Our data was decentralized. It has therefore become indispensable to implement a customer master data management solution to deploy a consolidated vision of our clients in one single point,” said Jean-Charles Gemin, Head of the Big Data program at RCI Bank and Services.

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The Solution: Built Around DataStax Enterprise

RCI Bank needed an operational database that could provide accessibility to online sales tools, 24/7 availability, a high level of security, and the ability to upgrade to be able to handle a significant volume of external data.

RCI Bank chose DataStax Enterprise for its proven and battlefield-tested, always-on and real-time capabilities, then contracted Deloitte to validate DataStax’ performance and ability to meet the company’s immediate and future needs—a validation that proved to be successful.

“Validation of the architecture is essential to make the rollout stages smoother,” Gemin said. “This audit has allowed us to be sure of our investment. It is an essential prerequisite before starting such a project where there is a great risk of losing time and money.”

The Results

Within six months, RCI Bank had integrated around 6 million client clusters in France and another 700,000 from the United Kingdom subsidiary, all of which became immediately operational. Germany followed, adding another 700,000 clients to the system within three weeks.

“Today, we have a core model in the data management procedure which allows us to duplicate an entire country in the system,” Gemin said. “But each subsidiary uses a different system which is specific to its needs.”

DSE’s search capability allows RCI Bank to scan the entire system for a name, email, and contract number in less than a second. RCI Bank has been able to use DSE’s holistic customer view that allows for highly personalized customer recommendations.

RCI Bank plans to integrate data from six additional subsidiaries by the end of the year. The company also plans to start using graph technology to better analyze data and surface relationships between data from RCI and Renault, which will lead to valuable real-time insights that power amazing customer experiences.

To read the full case study, please visit: https://www.datastax.com/resources/casestudies/rci-bank

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