Public Sale Launched For $Apex Token Fund

$APEX tokens provide retail investors with access to a diversified portfolio of world class investment strategies employed by top crypto-focused hedge fund managers

  • Public sale runs until 25 May
  • Tokens can be bought through Apex Token Fund’s website
  • Fund aims to raise a soft cap of $25m and a hard cap of $100m 
Chris Keshian
Chris Keshian

$APEX Token Fund (“$APEX” or “the fund”), the investment manager specialising in cryptocurrency and blockchain related assets, has launched its public token sale for its fund of hedge funds. $APEX tokens provide retail investors with access to a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency assets managed by a selection of top performing hedge funds. The sale runs until 25 May 2018 and aims to raise a soft cap of $25m and a hard cap of $100m.

Investors can buy tokens in the fund via $APEX Token Fund’s website. The minimum investment in the fund is 5 ETH, the cryptocurrency currently worth around $760. The initial cost of an APEX token is $1.00 USD.The offering will be accompanied by the highest level of disclosures and accompanying memoranda in accordance with all token offering jurisdictions. The APEX token is only available to non-US investors.

The fund targets primarily retail investors and those already familiar with investing in cryptocurrencies who want more diversified exposure to this emerging asset class. Unlike investing directly in hedge funds, purchasing $APEX tokens does not require a high minimum investment nor commitment to multi-year lock-in periods. The fund of fund structure means investors benefit from the due diligence, experience and oversight of expert fund managers without having to manage a portfolio of assets themselves.

$APEX Token Fund invests in a number of top performing underlying funds, each employing uncorrelated investment strategies, which otherwise would have high barriers to entry for retail investors. The Fund mitigates the volatility risk which comes from investing in a single asset class, while maximising returns in the rapidly growing blockchain markets. Underlying funds include: Pantera Capital, Tetras Capital, Sora Ventures, Amentum Investors and InBlockchain. 

Christopher Keshian, managing partner of Apex Token Fund, said: 

“To truly bring crypto-assets into the mainstream, we must develop more mature financial products suitable for a larger body of investors. The $APEX Token Fund uses technology which will unlock liquidity, manage volatility and lower barriers to entry for a larger market of global investors.

 “Cryptocurrencies are growing in a jagged upward trajectory and we believe that the best way to build a portfolio in this space is by diversifying investment strategies and fund managers. Furthermore, we believe we have the technology, data, and experience to balance these strategies in a portfolio that maximizes exposure to the most promising strategies while hedging risk over many market conditions.”

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