PrivateFly is acquired by Directional Aviation, creating one of the world’s largest providers of digital on-demand private jet travel 

Within the OneSky family, PrivateFly will join forces with on-demand broker Skyjet

PrivateFly has been acquired by OneSky LLC, a Directional Aviation company.

The online booking platform will join forces with OneSky’s existing brokerage Skyjet, to create one of the world’s largest digital platforms for on-demand private jet charter.

As the first business model to offer private jet booking end-to-end when it launched in 2008, PrivateFly has seen continued high sales growth over the last decade. Initially UK-focused, it has since developed multiple channels and customer bases worldwide, through localised platforms, and a multilingual team. Skyjet has been a pioneer in aviation technology for more than 20 years, with a strong foothold in the US, and offers one of the most popular and highly-downloaded private jet booking apps.

PrivateFly’s co-founders Adam Twidell and Carol Cork remain with the company and will lead the combined entity, which will operate offices in both the United States and Europe. They intend to leverage the extensive infrastructure and assets available within the OneSky family of brands,which also includes Sentient Jet and Flexjet.

“We are delighted to welcome PrivateFly to the OneSky and the Directional Aviation family,” said Kenn Ricci, Principal of Directional Aviation.“PrivateFly’s co-founders, Adam Twidell and Carol Cork, are true innovators who recognised early on how important mobile capabilities and on-demand digital bookings are in the charter space, and they will continue to play a critical role in the company’s future. Pairing PrivateFly with Skyjet, OneSky’s current digital on-demand charter broker, brings together two unique, innovative companies that are in different geographies to support OneSky’s vision of a world-leading on-demand charter operation.”

Adam Twidell, co-founder and CEO of PrivateFly commented: “We are proud to be joining OneSky, part of Directional Aviation, which incorporates every aspect of the private aviation industry in a way that no other company can.This is a key strategic moment for PrivateFly that opens up new opportunities for our loyal and growing base of globe-spanning users, leveraging the power not only of Skyjet but also of the other OneSky companies.”

Andrew Collins, the President of OneSky’s on-demand private jet charter organisation Skyjet and jet card provider Sentient Jet added:

“With this transaction, and the combination of PrivateFly and Skyjet, we are realising the digital part of OneSky’s vision in the on-demand charterspace. Nobody provides instant private jet travel at the touch of a button with this degree of expertise, allowing people to travel in the way that best meets their needs.”