The free, safe and convenient payment option is now available to 122 million Brazilian internet users in the highly dynamic eGaming Community

paysafecard, a global market leader in the online pre-paid industry and part of Paysafe Group plc, enters Brazil, offering a free of charge online prepaid payment solution for over 122 million internet users in a very enthusiastic eGaming community. paysafecard already operates in Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico, and will now provide the continent’s largest local market with a free, secure digital payment method 24/7.

The move into the Brazilian market is another milestone on the path of growth for paysafecard.

Brazil has the fifth-largest population in the world with an internet usage rate of around 60 per cent. It is ranked seventh in the world for gross national product, and is by far the largest eGames market in Latin America. More than 60 per cent of all eGaming payments are made using cash-based alternative payment systems which come with serious disadvantages when compared to paysafecard.

Udo Müller, CEO paysafecard, provides insights to the strategic considerations behind this move: “Brazil is an enormous market which has not yet seen a digital payment method comparable to paysafecard. The current options on offer are as expensive, inconvenient or problematic for the merchants as they are for the users, and they can also come with delayed processing times. paysafecard offers an ideal alternative: free, immediately available, safe and convenient.”

paysafecard’s presence in Latin America will now extend to five countries: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Mexico. The pre-paid specialist will begin its move into Brazil alongside sales partner RV Tecnologia, which will offer paysafecard at 40,000 sales outlets. Given the enormous geographical dimensions of the country, such a strong distribution network is absolutely crucial. Payment processing will occur via local partner PrimeiroPay, which offers an extensive understanding of the Brazilian market.

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paysafecard will first be accepted mainly by well-known partners in the eGaming sector, and will then be gradually introduced on websites specialising in entertainment, e-learning, travel.

Osama Deeb, Global Payments & Partnerships Lead, Smilegate West, a leading eGaming provider in Brazil comments, “We welcome paysafecard’s entry into the Brazilian market and rely on internationally proven partners, to maintain our position as a strong player in this market.paysafecard will allow us to offer an extremely successful payment option with enormous potential to Brazilian customers, and we expect that the introduction of paysafecard into Brazil will have a very positive impact on our business. This expansion is a true win-win scenario for the entire gaming business here.”

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