Passive Investing vs. Active Investing: Eight Strategies for the Stock Investor

It is important for any stock investor to play safe when he is into the game. A stock investor should be aware of the market, the investors and the share, the downfalls as well as long term investment goals. It is important for a stock investor to follow a strategy in order to stay in the stock markets. They may be as follows:

passive investingTry and stay in the game
With a hard-faced near-term forecast, stock investors may get tempted to sell out their stocks randomly. However before selling off the stocks try and think about it. Try and stay in the game and wait patiently for the prices to rise. You may think that you are running at a loss for the time being but things may improve. Sticking to the game is the best ways that you can gain profits.

Be satisfied with market returns
If you are new at the game, be satisfied with what the market has to offer you. E.g. now that the price of gold is plunging, It is better that you keep the gold as it is and wait for prices to rise. Not only in the case of gold, but the prices of different shares increase and decrease, Try and keep a watch in the market and then sell your shares accordingly.

Consider various alternatives
It is always best to keep an alternative with you. Alternatives include commodities like oil and gold. These substitute assets will help conserve the worth of your collection as the markets overturn or languish according to economy. These are products whose process would tremendously increase when the market economy recovers by a good deal.


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Think internationally
The best way to invest in share markets now is to invest 30-40% of your shares in international markets. Try and invest in renowned brands, so that revenue does not dip. International markets run on a principal, have experienced management, balance sheets and good returns.

Sell intentionally
Try and capture profits and try and protect your capital amount. This will help you to gain profit and not make you thinking that you at the end of the world when market economy falls drastically.

Deal in Dividends
Try to deal in dividends. It helps one to earn profits. Well-known companies have seen to be investing and reinvesting in dividends and generating wealth by the same portfolio.

Evade Your Bets
Try and use contrary funds to evade risks that usually occurs when the market economy is about to topple. This will also help one to avoid the downfall and will help gain profit.

Keep Your Pencil Sharpened
Make a list of the shares that you would like to buy and then start buying the same. If you feel that the economy seems to be going topsy turvy then change your decision of buying shares. Stay at a lower profile for some days. It is better buying nothing then buying something and running at a loss. Once the economy recovers, start buying again.

Try following the above techniques if you are an amateur at the stock market and you will never crib of losing in shares.

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