NASGO Launches ‘FilmCoin’ Tokenization via Blockchain for Films and Producers at Sundance Film Festival 2019

NASGO, a global leader in the advancement of the Blockchain, today announced the launch of FilmCoin, an initiative to allow film makers to release productions in tokenized form with NASGOs VAPR Augmented Reality (AR) platform. The VAPR application is expected to formally launch for broad availability within Q1. The first movie slated for formal release on VAPR through the new FilmCoin program within the NASGO Entertainment Division is Dirt Merchants Rebelistic (, a production from L.A. producer Henning Morales, which will be making its Sundance Film Festival premiere on Friday, January 25, 2019, 9:30-11:30 a.m. at The Fly Lounge at 427 Main Street, Park City. (For more information, attendees should visit

For NASGO, the launch of FilmCoin is an additional step in the accelerating rollout of the companys popular dAPP platform that makes tokenization available to artists, producers, influencers, small to medium businesses and enterprises, and government entities throughout the world.

In the entertainment industry, blockchain is overturning traditional models by making it easy and efficient for fans to fund the development of new material. For artists and creators, it creates the following advantages:

  • Opens up movies to new international markets, safely.
  • Creates a simple and convenient way for film makers to monetize their films globally.
  • Pays film makers instantly along with cast and crew via smart contracts.
  • Gives fans who support projects a stronger voice in material being developed.
  • Gives artists greater engagement and closer interaction with fans.
  • Brings material to market through a new and diverse set of channels.
  • Allows artists to retain a greater amount of revenue from earnings, allowing them to allocate greater support to their chosen humanitarian causes.
  • Creates stronger market presence and loyalty by allowing artists to direct a portion of earnings to fans in the form of fan experiences like early access to material, VIP seating, actor meetups and loyalty discounts.
  • Eliminates piracy, a major disease in the film industry.

In the blockchain model we are driving with NASGO, everyone wins, said NASGO co-founder Eric Tippetts. In rapid succession we are overturning the traditional models of business with tokenization. Were putting market traction and control in the hands of creators and businesses, making it easier for them to go to market and more viable to gain the financial returns that allow them to stay in business and to support a greater level of market expansion for all.

In addition to the launch of FilmCoin at the 2019 Sundance Festival, NASGOs NSG coin premiered on the BitForex exchange on January 19 and the company has announced in-country partnerships with Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Palau.


NASGO ( is the provider of a fast-growing dApp (distributed app) blockchain platform. NASGO was launched in early 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Eric Tippetts and Stephen Jiang and markets tokenization services via the NASGO platform to artists, influencers, small businesses and small-to-medium enterprises through a network of 4,000+ representatives. As a company, NASGO is dedicated to advancing cryptocurrency and Blockchain as an established industry and infrastructure. The company is striving to make digital currency accessible and available to all, and to advance the use of the blockchain to meet humanitarian, business and industry goals worldwide. NASGOs NSG coin is available on

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