MooD International is a rapidly growing next generation software provider founded in 1996 by Bernard Edwards and Dr Dick Whittington. Both founders had backgrounds in the technology industry with complementary backgrounds running through sales and business development, consulting and into software development.

George Davies
George Davies

In the early days, MooD focused on such areas as business process, object orientation and soft systems. The company built up a number of significant and deep relationships with key customers and primarily focusing on helping them get to grips with understanding the components required to deliver large scale capabilities.

George Davies joined the company in 2007 with a key objective of developing the business to the next stage. In 2010 George formally took over as CEO, and Bernard and Dick stepped away from running the company and spent three months on other research projects to allow the management team to take over the running of MooD. Their only contact was a weekly email providing information on financial performance.

They decided to step away to achieve a better work/life balance. As Dick said: “There’s a time when a founder needs to handover. The mark of success is that you’ve got the right people to take over. This ultimately shows that you got it right.” Bernard moved from being chief executive to chairman and Dick handed his chief technology officer role to Simon Smith and became the chief strategy officer.

Since 2007 the company has built up a very impressive customer base, and delivers operational systems for monitoring, tracking, governing and optimising large scale, people intensive businesses. It delivers these solutions directly to large customers and is increasingly building a channel to market through key partners.

MooD is a privately owned company that is totally self-funded and has not used any venture capital support. Last financial year saw growth of 23 per cent in top line revenue and a doubling of operating profit.

MooD started with six employees and has grown to over 80 people across three offices in the UK (York, London and Bristol), as well as one in Texas, USA. It’s a highly skilled workforce with almost all employees having at least one degree. It is a constant challenge to find people with the right skills and cultural fit to add to the team. Their front line staff need a combination of deep business understanding and experience with a core technical ability.

The Company has won the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation twice (2004 and 2010) and most recently were commended in the UK Council for Electronic Business Excellent Awards for their work with the Ministry of Defence.

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