CEOs and founders of some of the UK’s leading financial services companies are assembling in the Camden Foundry this March for the capital’s inaugural London Enterprise Festival, in an effort to engage, inspire and connect local talent.

The 10-day enterprise festival, which includes an event dedicated to the financial services industry, will take place on the 12th March and will see its most respected pioneers gather in the city to share their insights and experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Panellists include:

  • Gordon Merrylees, Head of Entrepreneurship, RBS &Natwest
  • Jeff Lynn, CEO, Seedrs
  • Rodney Schwartz, CEO, ClearlySo
  • Damian Kimmelman, CEO, DueDil
  • Anil Stocker, CEO, MarketInvoice

LEF Poster

The London Enterprise Festival (LEF) will celebrate the diverse range of business opportunities available in London by going well beyond the traditional finance and tech sectors. Each day will cover a different industry, with sector-specific events designed to connect London’s aspiring entrepreneurs with the relevant knowledge and local networks they need to set up successful business of their own.

Industries covered range from financial services, fashion and food to social enterprise and healthcare. As well as providing unparalleled insight from well-established brands, the LEF encourages co-operation between budding entrepreneurs, sharing skills and ideas to build the businesses of the future

Rodney Schwartz, CEO of ClearlySo and one of the panelists for the financial services industry event, said:

“The Financial Services industry is at long last evolving and gradually restructuring its approach to cater to the start-up boom. Encouraging entrepreneurial talent is not just an altruistic move; there are concrete commercial benefits to supporting small businesses that have positive carry-on effects on the entire UK economy. British entrepreneurs should be grateful for the UK’s leadership position in the field and the opportunities that it enables them to seize upon.  The UK firms need to be candid, honest and humble, and that’s exactly what we aspire to at ClearlySo with the socially impactful businesses we serve. I really look forward to using LEF as a platform to connect with old friends and fresh talent.”

ErezNounou, organizer of London Enterprise Festival, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Gordon Merrylees (RBS) , Thomas Davies (Seedrs), Rodney Schwartz (ClearlySo), Damian Kimmelman (DueDil) and Anil Stocker (MarketInvoice) to the London Enterprise Festival. From the institution to the startup, this event is sure to highlight the innovation already taking place in the industry as well as the wealth of opportunities available for entrepreneurs who want to break in.”

All profits from the LEF will be reinvested in local enterprise initiatives to create a resounding social impact and boost entrepreneurship among Londoners.

For full details and tickets, visit:

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