• 70 years of Ferrari and 45 Ferrari V12 models honoured by JBR Capital
  • Steve McQueen, Justin Bieber and the Pope among V12 celebrity owners
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen

In celebration of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary year, JBR Capital – the UK’s only independent finance provider dedicated to high end vehicle finance – has produced a guide to the star-studded life of Ferrari’s legendary V12 engine: https://jbrcapital.com/ferrari-finance/v12-ferraris-the-engine-that-made-ferrari/.

The V12 had it all – cutting edge technology, race wins, plus a home in the most glamorous and sought-after road cars Ferrari ever built. 

From the 250 GTO to the Enzo, Ferrari V12s have long been a favourite with celebrities – owned by numerous musicians, actors and footballers, as well as appearing in a whole host of films, TV shows, commercials and advertisements.

Beatles band member John Lennon purchased a Ferrari 330 GT, in 1965, the day after passing his driving test. Steve McQueen – the king of cool – received a Ferrari 250 Lusso as a 34th birthday present from his wife. Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone, David Beckham, Justin Bieber and even the Pope also feature on JBR Capital’s list of the most-famous Ferrari V12 owners.

Classic films from the 1960s onwards include highly-memorable cameos and starring-roles from the V12. Two Ferrari 250 GT Berlinettas raced Disney’s much-loved Volkswagen Beetle, Herbie, in The Love Bug (1968), as a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT also took the lead role in the unforgettable American teen comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986).

JBR Capital has made available a downloadable and printable PDF version of their ultimate Ferrari V12 guide. For your copy, visit https://jbrcapital.com/ferrari-finance/v12-ferraris-the-engine-that-made-ferrari/.

550 Maranello
550 Maranello

Darren Selig, Executive Chairman at JBR Capital, said: “The V12 is perhaps the ultimate engine, powering some of Ferrari’s most exciting and desirable supercars. We wanted to celebrate this motoring icon and enjoy the roar of the naturally aspirated V12 with a comprehensive guide to its 70 year history.”

Offering bespoke finance for supercars, classic, prestige, historic and racing cars, JBR Capital provides various finance options: hire purchase, lease purchase, equity release, refinance, auction finance and restoration finance.

For more information on car finance, visit www.jbrcapital.com/.

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