iState Systems launches broker portal

iState Systems, has just made it possible for advisers to submit mortgage or insurance applications via smartphone, tablet or any internet connected device. The new Apprivo Broker Portal, which launches today, will also enable brokers to track an application every step of the way, to see any information outstanding and when a case is likely to complete. It will even allow an adviser to track their client’s payment history once a case has completed – all via their mobile phone.Apprivo-broker-portal

iState launched Apprivo last April, a revolutionary new smartphone application which enables customers to use their mobile phones to securely access their accounts with a lender or savings provider, send outstanding information and documents, which they can take a photo of on their mobile, transfer money from one account to another or even complete a mortgage, credit card or insurance application.

The launch of a broker portal means every lender that uses Apprivo will now be able to give advisers access in a way that will dramatically improve communication between lender, adviser and client; it will also speed up application time and save money.The broker portal has been designed with feedback from both advisers and lenders so incorporates key tools to make both the adviser and lender’s lives as easy as possible while still providing compliance and security.

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iState allows lenders to connect their system into the Apprivo suite of products without breaching any firewalls, as Apprivo sits alongside a lender’s existing systems. It is platform independent and will integrate with an adviser’s CRM system. The system can also be white labelled to look like it belongs either to the lender or the adviser, but what the adviser and client can see is protected at all times. Levels of protection can be built in both by the lender and by the adviser.
The broker portal will enable brokers to create new business,carry out affordability calculations, quote on products, send KFIs, show a selection of products or review existing cases – all from their mobile phone.

This will save money as it means that advisers can check their client’s affordability status right at the beginning of the process. The adviser will be kept updated in a way that they are not currently as they will receive an alert each time something has been updated by either the lender or the client.

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It will also make an application much more transparent than it is at the moment as both adviser and client will be able to use their mobile phones to check on cases, find out what is still required, when it will be completed and what stage of the process it has got to.

Barry Yager founder and director of iState Systems say, “This technology will revolutionise the way that advisers and lenders do business. It shortens the mortgage process, makes it much more cost effective and it will make communications between lender, adviser and client transparent in a way that has never been possible before.”



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