New QuickBooks Online Accountant Practice Management enables UK accountants to spend less time managing their practice and more time as a trusted advisor to clients 

Intuit QuickBooks, the world’s number-one online small business accounting solution, today launched a major update to QuickBooks Online Accountant. The new Practice Management tool allows accounting professionals to collaborate with colleagues and clients and manage their workflow from one central location to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Practice Management, which is connected through the QuickBooks Online ecosystem platform, allows accounting professionals to move from the cumbersome, disjointed experience of manual tracking to seamlessly tracking and coordinating all the work associated with their clients and firm, in one place. This provides accountants with more control over their business and frees up time to provide quality service to clients.

Dominic Allon, Europe VP and Managing Director, Intuit, commented: “Our vision for QuickBooks Online Accountant is to power the prosperity of our customers, and to be the one place where accounting professionals can manage all their clients. Practice Management is our first step in helping accounting professionals in the UK and around the world better manage their workflow and change the way they run their business. By giving accountants the confidence that nothing will fall through the cracks without creating a maintenance burden for them and their team, we are helping accountants save time, be more efficient, and grow.”

Practice Management features a new dashboard that provides accountants with an overview of all their workflows by showing every task assigned to them. Managers within the practice can receive insight into what their team is working on so they can better plan their week or month by managing the workload across their team.

This increased transparency helps managers make informed staffing decisions, such as whether to permanently or temporarily increase staff. Tasks are automatically marked as complete as professionals finish assignments and projects. With Practice Management, accountants will always know what was requested, received and still needed from clients, minimising the time spent trying to collect source documents.

Practice Management is free and natively integrated within QuickBooks Online Accountant. Accounting professionals can access it from their phones, making it easy to manage their workflow anytime, anywhere, while small business clients can see communications from their accountants all in one place under “My Accountant” in QuickBooks Online.

Accounting professionals around the world will begin to experience the new Practice Management capabilities within QuickBooks Online Accountant as it is rolled out over the next few days. It is scheduled to be available for all QuickBooks Online Accountant users by 19th May, 2017.

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