How to Reset iPhone?

iPhone being one of the best range of phones have almost all the functionalities that a computer can have. Being a machine iPhone also needs to be reset, to fix the problems. Reset here stands for various things such as, basic restart, the comprehensive restart or may be deleting whatever content the iPhone has and then to get started afresh.

In this article we will be discussing how to reset different iPhone Models.

Restarting the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 8 and iPhone X

By restarting your phone, you will be able to resolve the basic issues such as app gets crashed, poor Wi-Fi connectivity or cellular network etc. Recent most models of iPhone come up with the feature where Apple has provided a function of the wake or sleep button on side of the phone. These buttons help in activating the Siri and provide the Emergency feature of SOS etc. Restart process of these models are same, which may be known to you, but let us describe it once again for the ones who are not aware of it.

  1. Press Sleep/Wake button and hold it, this button is present on the side of the phone, simultaneously press the button of Volume Down
  2. Wait, until you can see Power-Off Slider
  3. Now get the slider moved from left side to right in order to turn off the phone

Restarting other Models of iPhone

Process of restarting the other models of iPhone is same as the process of turning the iPhone off or on. Steps for the same are listed below:

  1. Hold the button of Sleep/Wake, (in other models of iPhone, the older ones, this button is present on top. In iPhone 6 series and the other latest versions, this button is present on right side of the phone) and wait until you are able to see the power-off slider on screen.
  2. Leave the button of Sleep/Wake
  3. Now get Power-Off Slider moved from left side to the right. By doing this, the iPhone will get shut down. Spinner indicating that the process of shutting down the phone is in progress, will appear on screen. It might be difficult to see, but this indication will appear on the screen
  4. Once the phone gets shut-down, hold the button of Sleep/Wake again and keep holding it unless the logo of Apple is visible on screen. When you see the logo on screen, this means that your phone is again starting up. Leave the button and then wait until the booting up is finished by iPhone

Hard Resetting the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X,

Though by doing the basic restart, you may get rid of many issues, but there are still some that cannot be resolved. Such as, your phone freezes and does not respond when you press the button of sleep/wake. To get these issues resolved, hard reset is required.

Steps for hard resetting are:

  1. Click on Volume Up button and then release it, this button is resent on left side of the phone
  2. Then click on the button of Volume Down and then release it
  3. After that hold the button of Sleep/Wake, present at the right side of the phone, keep holding it until the phone gets restart and you cansee the logo of Apple
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