How to make Google my Homepage?

Internet browsers, for example, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, have default homepages preloaded, which appears as soon as you launch the web browser. Generally, the homepage is set already either to Bing or Google, which are two renowned search engines. If in case homepage of yours isn’t pre-set to the Google, then you can set it as your homepage, all you have to do is go to the option of browser settings.

In the Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click on the menu of Tools in the menu bar, present at the homepage’s top
  2. Now under Tools menu, choose Options
  3. In options screen, click on General present in menu options, present along the screen’s top
  4. Within the screen of General, next to the Home Page, get this link entered,, in order to make Google your homepage

In Google Chrome:

  1. In order to ensure that Google is the default homepage of yours in the Google Chrome, tap on the icon of the menu, which is represented through three lines, present at screen’s top in the right corner, adjacent to the input field of the Web address
  2. Then select Settings, present in the options of drop-down
  3. Now in the screen of Setting, checkmark the box, which is labelled as Show Home button
  4. After checking the box, tap on Change and get the address changed to

For the users of Internet Explorer:

  1. Homepage for the users of Internet Explorer can be set to Google in the same way as it is done in Mozilla Firefox
  2. On the menu bar, which is present at top of the homepage of the browser, tap on the menu of Tools
  3. Now, under the menu of Tools, choose Internet Options
  4. Now on the screen of options, choose General, present in menu tabs available along the screen’s top
  5. Within the screen of General, you will be able to see the text box, present under the Home Page Heading
  6. Type in the text box

For the users of Safari:

  1. Go to the screen’s top left corner and click on Safari after that on Preferences and then on General
  2. Then, next to the ‘New tabs open with’ and ‘New windows open with’ choose Homepage
  3. After that, enter next to the Homepage

For Microsoft Edge

  1. Go to the browser’s upper-right corner and choose More Settings
  2. Then, scroll down to ‘Open with’ and then choose the specific pages or a page
  3. After that, open up the list and then choose Custom. After that click on X, present adjacent to your current homepage
  4. Enter this URL type, in the box and then click on Save

Google get stuck as the Homepage

Homepage settings will not be changed by Google until and unless you make the changes and give permission.

  1. Resetting the Homepage. Select one browser and then follow the same steps in order to get the Google replaced with that site, which you are willing to set as the homepage.
  2. Get it checked for some unwanted programs. If by resetting the homepage, the problem still persists, there are chances that some unwanted programs also termed as malware are there, which are imitating Google site.