Your credit history is maintained by mainly 3 credit bureaus. If you have ever taken a loan or credit of any kind there will be a file containing all information about your loan or credit in either of these bureaus. Since the lender sends information about the credit or loan only to one of these bureaus, but it is possible to get a detailed credit report about your credibility from any of the 3 bureaus or all of them. To know your credibility all you have to do is put up an application online for credit report. You can mail the request as well, But you will have to provide all your personnel details. According to law you can get 1 free credit report every year, but to avail this you have to contact any of the 3 bureaus directly. After obtaining the report what you actually have to look at is:

  • name and address: to ensure that the report is yours, if something’s not up to mark contact the bureau that send the report, providing them with the information to be changed
  • next you have to look at bills being currently paid by you, it will tell you if you have defaulted on a payment or you have not paid at all, also if there is a error in them contact the bureau they will make the corrections, but you should keep in mind all bureaus can have a different report as different lenders send info to different bureaus.

At times you might end up having a bad credit rating in one bureau while a good credit rating in the other. Also you have to check the people checking your credibility to know your information is in safe hands.

How to obtain a credit in spite of your bad credit rating?

At times you might not be able to pay your credit card bills at time which leads to a bad credit rating. You need not think you cannot apply for a credit anymore because of your bad credit rating, at times of your need there is a service called bad credit cash advance service. Now the question is how can you avail this there are a couple of simple steps.

Go through a few sights. After that the qualification for applying for bad credit cash advance services you should be a bank account holder, you should have a job and a home address. To apply for such a loan you should be able to provide solid proof of your current salary that can be a pay-slip, and few details of the account you hold. If you have all the above mentioned things you should be able to borrow money even if your credit rating is not good.

But you should keep in mind that this system is only for borrowing for a short while. The lender will take the cash directly via debit from your account.

If you are not able to return it in time you have to inform the lender beforehand so that the debit is not made. So if you have a bad credit rating but you are in need to borrow use this service.

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