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How To Find The Area Of A Triangle?

How To Find The Area Of A Triangle

A triangle is a closed three-sided figure. Though people do not notice it, it is an essential concept in everyday life. It is useful in construction, engineering, architecture, physics and much more. Similarly, an area is a mathematical term which has many applications in everyday life like knowing the size of the curtains for the windows, in farming, and in a building, etc. The area is the two-dimensional space occupied by the object. It is easy to find the area of certain shapes like square or rectangle, while it is complex to find the area of a triangle or a circle. Learn how to find the area of a triangle below:

The Formula for the Area of A Triangle:

A = ½ x B x H where A is the area, B is the base of the triangle and H is the height. Though there are many other formulas to find the area of a triangle the above formula is most commonly used.
The base is considered as one of the sides of the triangle, and the height is measured from its uppermost position. Either you can measure the heights or it will be given that you find the area. Example: If the triangle has a base of 4 cms and a height of 2 cm, to find the area, use the formula A = ½ x B x H. with B = 4cms, H = 2cms as per the example. The Area will be
Area = ½ x 4 x 2 = 4 cms.
Thus the area of a triangle with a base of 4cms and height of 2cms has an area of 4 cms.

Importance of Triangles:
It plays a significant role in many spheres:
Architecture and design: Many engineering and design concepts are based on triangles and have helped in creating many applications like, Incorporating Pythagoras theorem to find the weight distribution. They are majorly used in the design of bridges and other similar structures as they can bear pressure better than different shapes of the same size.
Used in designing 3D objects as it can be broken to smaller triangles.
Construction: The triangles are used in many big construction projects like bridges, domes, monuments, etc.
Navigation: The triangle concepts like the triangulation is used in navigation and surveying. The triangle forms the basis for the working of GPS technique.
Mathematics: Triangles are used in geometry and trigonometry on unknown quantities. Other than the circle all other two-dimensional shapes are made of triangles. In trigonometry, most theorems are based on triangles as it is easy to understand and calculate.
Common man usage: You can encounter the usage of triangles in daily life. Finding the height of the building, using triangles for designing houses, usage in clothes hanger, the design of kitchen items like jars, used in toys like the Rubik’s cube and much more.

There are many examples of usage of triangles in real life and thus shows how important triangles are and how they have impacted the daily lives. What is known about this shape is only a part as there is much more scope for exploration.

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