How to find bank account number

An account number is a number used to identify a bank account. Banks open different types of accounts. The account number is used to uniquely identify an account. It is the number that is needed to transact on an account. It is important to know the account number, as you may need to quote this number for transactions. For instance, if you want to receive money through online banking, you need to provide your bank account number to help the sender transfer money to your account.

If you receive a check or a bank draft, it would be in your name. To convert this check or draft into cash, you need to deposit it in your bank account. While doing this, you need to quote your bank account number. If you want to correspond with the bank, you need to quote your account number to help them identify you. It is thus important to know your bank account number.

In case you do not know the number or have forgotten it, you can go through the following tips that will help you locate your bank account number easily.

Check your checkbook

The bank will have given you a checkbook that has checks in it for use in withdrawing money or transferring money to others. Your account number is printed on each individual check. Each bank has its own format for bank account numbers, and this varies from country to country. In most places, the account number is usually a number that is 12 digits. It is printed on the checkbook to help the bank know who has written the check.

When you look at the bottom of the check, you will see three sets of numbers on the left, center, and right. The first number is the code to identify the bank. It is a unique identification of the bank and the branch. The third number is a running serial number, which is the check number. The second number is the account number.

Check the passbook or account statement

Some banks issue a passbook that can be taken to the branch to get your transactions details updated. Most banks issue a statement each month detailing your transactions. The passbook would have the account number printed on its cover or first page. If you have a bank statement, the account number will be clearly printed on the top of the statement, even before your name.

Thanks to digital banking, you can access your bank account online through the website or an app. When you access your account in this way, you can find your bank account displayed on the screen. If it is not displayed, then view your statement online, which will display your account number.

Contact customer support

Every bank would have a customer support team to help customers with their queries. You can either call customer support on phone or chat with them online through an app/website. Talk to the customer support number and validate your personal details including mobile number, so they can tell you the account number.

Visit the branch

If for any reason none of these options work, you can visit the branch of the bank where you have your account. Talk to the staff who work there, they will help you find your account number.

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