How to find a IP address

When it comes to IP address the first thing that you should be knowing is that IP address are of two types, external or public IP address and local IP address. Local IP address get your device or computer identified with local network. Public or external IP address is what is seen by the internet.

Let’s first understand that how you can find your public or external IP address, because the process of finding it is very easy and is needed commonly by people.

  1. Go to the search engine first, for example Google and then try searching by typing ‘what is my IP’
  2. First result that will get displayed will be a site named as What’s My IP Address, as soon as you see it, click on it
  3. Public/external IP address of yours will be displayed immediately on the result page

Now let’s have a look on the steps to find the local IP address of yours. Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Tap on Start menu and then write cmd. As soon as you see the applications of cmd in the panel of Start menu, tap on it or press the enter key
  2. You will see that command line window gets open. Type ipconfig there and then tap on enter
  3. Bunch of information will appear, but keep in mind that you have to just find the line which says, “IPv4 Address.” Number that appear across the text is the local IP address of yours

Finding the IP Address on Mac:

  1. Get the System Preferences open up, to do that you have to go to Apple menu present in the corner at the top left-hand side of the screen.
  2. As soon as the System Preferences gets open, tap on the icon which is labelled as Network
  3. You will see the options along with the labels at the left side, which says Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi etc. Those having the green dots are the ones to whom IP address is assigned. Tap on the one which is present at top (if it wasn’t selected already) and then look towards the right. You will find the sentence which says, “Wi-Fi is connected to Chocolate and has the IP address” Number present at the end of such sentence is the local IP address of yours.

Let’s now learn how to find the IP address on Windows Vista and XP

Windows XP:

Step 1: Tap on Start and then on Control Panel after that select and then click on Network and internet connections (if you are unable to find it then go to next) after that select and then click twice on Network Connections.

Step 2: Highlight and then right click on the icon of Local Area Connection, then click on the Status and after that go to the Support. Your IP address will get displayed.

Note: If in case your system is connected with the wireless network, then tap on the icon of Wireless network connection.

Windows Vista:

Step 1: Click on Start and then on Control Panel, after that click on Network and Internet and then move towards Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2: Now in the list of tasks, tap on Manage network connections. Then highlight as well as right click on the icon of Local Area Connection, after that tap on Status and then move towards Details. Your IP address will get displayed here.

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