• “Comfort, quality and the exquisite aesthetic” are the order of the day
  • Outdoor furniture more important than indoor for sun-kissed locations
  • Taylor Wimpey España takes care of the furnishings so that buyers can relax from the moment they arrive

Dressing a property to wow potential buyers is a skilled art. Mirrors need to be strategically placed in order to maximise light while avoiding glare. Pictures need to complement the colour scheme while remaining neutral in order to suit a wide range of tastes. The sofa needs to have just the right number of cushions to show how delightfully comfortable it will be the moment the viewer sits down.

While it’s true that those viewing a property are buying it based on its location and other fixed attributes such as the number of rooms and the layout, the way that it is dressed can have a massive impact.

How To Dress (Your Property) For Success – Top Tips From Taylor Wimpey España
How To Dress (Your Property) For Success – Top Tips From Taylor Wimpey España

When it comes to dressing show properties for new developments, particularly those overseas that will be bought as second homes, the design becomes even more important. As Spain’s leading homebuilder, Taylor Wimpey España is well aware of the importance of dressing a property for success. Sales and Marketing Director Marc Pritchard comments,“For many of those interested in buying a second home in Spain, first impressions are everything. They need to walk through the door of the property and get ‘the feeling’ straight away; to know that the property is perfect for them.”

With construction beginning on the company’s new Miraval development this month, Taylor Wimpey España’s Costa del Sol designer, Ana García, will once more be hard at work. The first phase of the development consists of 27 two and three-bedroom apartments, along with a large communal swimming pool and prettily landscaped gardens. Prices start at €240,000.

As with all Taylor Wimpey España’s properties, Miraval has been designed with outdoor living very much in mind. For many purchasers, outdoor furniture is even more important than indoor furniture, as their intention is to spend as much time outdoors as possible. As plans for Miraval’sfurniture begin to take shape, we pinned down the Taylor Wimpey España designer to find out her top tips for furnishing a second home overseas.

What are the three key points you keep in mind when furnishing a Taylor Wimpey España apartment?

Comfort, quality and the exquisite aesthetic. I ensure that there is an affinity between the interior and the exterior qualities of the individual apartments and the building as a whole, so that the furnishings complement the design of the development.

How important is the interior design of an apartment in attracting a buyer, compared with the build quality, communal areas and location?

The importance of the interior design is huge. The key to it is to make each apartment different, reflecting in each one the personal taste of each individual and granting them the comfort that they demand for their lifestyle.

Do holiday home owners and full-time residents differ in what they want when furnishing a new apartment?

Yes. The most common difference between them is that the long-stay resident usually demands more functional furniture, whereas holiday home owners may opt for something more stylish and exciting. This is because furniture in a home that is used all the time will undergo more stress than furniture in home that is used part-time, so it needs to be more durable while still looking fantastic.

Which is your favourite room to furnish in an apartment and why?

For me, each room is important as the others when we are furnishing and garnishing. However, I do make a point of taking special care of the areas where the purchasers are going to spend the most time, like the living room and the terrace.

Is there anything else we should know about the role that interior design plays in selling Taylor Wimpey España apartments?

Our experience of dealing with foreigners who are buying property in Spain has shown us that it takes some time for them to get to know an area, which can make it hard for them to find everything they might need to buy for their new home. We try to solve this problem by meeting as many of their needs in advance as possible. That way they can enjoy their holidays without having to worry about where they might be able to buy tablemats or pillow cases!

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