Home Credit Enhances Financial Literacy of Chinese Citizens through Social Responsibility Programs

BEIJING, May 4, 2018 – Recently, Home Credit Consumer Finance Company (“Home Credit China”) and the China Foundation for Development of Financial Education jointly held the launching and donation ceremony for their project under the theme of “Developing Financial Literacy by Building a Foundation for Training” in the Shanxi Province. The project is aimed at boosting the inclusion of financial knowledge in the national education system. This year. Home Credit will donate RMB 1 million to implement popularization work for financial education in 15 state-level poverty-stricken counties in the Shanxi Province, so as to facilitate the process for primary schools to offer financial education courses and boost the inclusion of financial knowledge in the national education system, effectively improving Chinese’s financial literacy and building a long-term mechanism for the effective popularizing financial knowledge.

This cooperation is just one of the numerous initiatives through which Home Credit has improved the financial literacy of Chinese citizens and contributed to the community in China. Since it entered China, Home Credit has benefited from the steady development of China’s consumer financial market, and the continual expansion of its business scale has been a driving force for the prosperity and development of China’s consumption and financial sectors.

As a responsible consumer financial service provider and corporate citizen in China, Home Credit China knows very well the importance of contributing to the community, and so Home Credit China has committed to improving the financial literacy and awareness of Chinese people and contributing to the healthy growth of consumer financial market as its long-term corporate social responsibility efforts. For the growing Chinese consumer finance industry, raising the financial awareness of ordinary people and helping them establish an accurate view of financial consumption are also ways to guarantee and facilitate the sustainable long-term development of the industry in the future.

In order to meet these goals, Home Credit has been actively carrying out a series of public benefit projects aimed at popularizing financial knowledge and improving financial literacy through various programs, such as carrying out social projects, holding lectures and providing teaching materials, for villages, communities and schools. In 2017 alone, Home Credit organized more than 170 financial knowledge seminars covering 12 provinces and municipalities across the country to the benefit of nearly one million people in rural areas, communities and schools. In addition, about one thousand volunteers were engaged to actively support and participate in these activities.

In order to effectively meet the demands in rural areas, Home Credit has been actively cooperating with the China Foundation for Development of Financial Education. The two parties have jointly launched the “Financial Benefit Program”, a rural financial knowledge education and popularization project in the Lvliang Mountain Area, a contiguous poverty-stricken area. Home Credit donated RMB 6 million yuan for the implementation of rural financial education and popularization projects in the Lvliang Mountain Area over the next three years, which will enhance the basic financial quality of local residents, improve the service level of grass-roots financial practitioners, strengthen the local financial ecological environment, increase the availability of modern financial services in poverty-stricken areas, and contribute to facilitating poverty alleviation and development.

For urban areas, Home Credit hosted a series of “Financial Dandelion” financial knowledge education and popularization activities in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Heilongjiang Province, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Yunnan. Through these programs, Home Credit China spread knowledge across various aspects of financial education such as consumer lending, personal credit history and personal information security for residents in communities, satisfying the general public’s thirst for consumer finance knowledge.

And on a campus-level, Home Credit has successively cooperated with well-known universities in China, such as the Central University of Finance and Economics, Tsinghua University and Fudan University, while also launching financial knowledge popularization activities such as the “Home Credit Cup”, a consumer finance summer practice competition aimed at cultivating informed financial consumption practices and personal credit protection awareness of students. In addition, Home Credit has also actively organized a series of financial knowledge popularization projects for primary school students in an effort to boost the inclusion of financial knowledge in the national education system as early as possible and allow even more age groups to from benefit financial education.

Mr. Lumir Meloun, President at PPF China, to which Home Credit B.V. is affiliated stated:”As a responsible corporate citizen, Home Credit has always attached great importance to making positive contributions to the China market and Chinese society. Enhancing people’s financial literacy is not only an important method for Home Credit to fulfill its social responsibility, but also a necessary measure to create a healthy financial environment and support the long-term sustainable development of the consumer finance industry. We hope that, through this approach, we will grow together with China’s consumer finance market and allow more people to benefit.”

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