The International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) educational platform, the ICC Academy has gone live today – providing millions of business professionals and students around the globe with access to a new standard in business education. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, DBS, OCBC Bank, Banco Santander, and Standard Bank have been announced as “early adopters” of ICC Academy training courses.

Launched earlier this year, the ICC Academy has now opened its virtual doors and unveiled its online curricula of courses – all designed and taught by leading industry experts – and its ground breaking Learning Management System.

Five banks – Commonwealth Bank of Australia, DBS, OCBC Bank, Banco Santander, and Standard Bank – will be “early adopters” of the ICC Academy, enabling employees to access its initial trade finance programmes. The Academy’s trade finance offering features over 70 online courses and two global certificates in trade finance (the “Global Trade Certificate” and “Certified Trade Finance Professional”). These initial courses have been designed drawing on the expertise and experience of the ICC Banking Commission – comprising more than 600 members across 110 countries.

ICC Academy courses feature insights from senior business leaders and policymakers, and can be accessed online by prospective students – professionals, academics, tertiary students or members of the general public – anywhere in the world, at any time. Not only does this make it convenient for those with busy schedules, it also means that students in regions where physical access to training is limited can have equal access to world-class professional education. What is more, upon completion of courses, students receive globally-recognized certification of their professional skills.

“The ICC Academy is an effective response to a global need for high-quality, flexible business education available on a large scale,” said John Danilovich, Secretary General of ICC. “We hope our initial trade finance offering will help bridge skills gaps as regards trade finance instruments—both within the banking sector and wider industry. Academy courses have a key role to play in enhancing the supply of trade credit and ensuring that corporates understand the financing options open to them.”

By becoming “early adopters” of the ICC Academy, all five banking partners can ensure their employees are not only internationally certified trade finance professionals, but are authorities on the trade finance industry – regularly completing courses and attending various conferences or seminars that allow them to continually adapt to fit the evolving landscape.

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