Global Classic Painted Aircraft of 2019 World Collection List TOP10 Issued

This collection list is a globalized guide to civil aviation information. In order to ensure the list of this global public welfare project not participating in any commercial cooperation at this time, the judges attending this selection and entry shall adopt the system of lifelong privacy system. The evaluation committee will conduct strict audits on all candidates, especially on the evaluation of aircraft weight and environmental protection, the impact of artistic design value, and other multi-dimensional and comprehensive evaluations.

In order to further learn the story behind these excellent aircraft art works, referring to the ranking of the list, next we will learn about the Design Manufacturer or designers and operators of each painted aircraft in the list.

TOP-01 / China United Airlines — QingYang

The painted aircraft is designed by IAIO-NARDO Aerospace that operated by China United Airlines.

TOP-02 / Qatar Airways — Barcelona

The painted aircraft is authorized by Futbol Club Barcelona and operated by Qatar Airways.

TOP-03 / KLM — Delft

The painted aircraft was created and operated by KLM.

TOP-04 / Kulula — Flying 101

The painted plane was created and operated by Kulula.

TOP-05 / Azores Airlines — Whale

The painted aircraft was created and operated by Azores Airlines.

TOP-06 / ANA — Star Wars

The painted plane was released by 20th Century Fox and operated by ANA.

TOP-07 / Alaska Airlines — The Incredibles

The painted plane was created and designed by Walt Disney Pictures, and operated by Alaska Airlines.

TOP-08 / Air New Zealand — Lord of the Rings

The painted plane is a joint product of WingNut Films and The Saul Zaentz Company, and operated by Air New Zealand.

TOP-09 / Eva Air — Gudetama

The Gudetama image in the painted plane is a cartoon image broadcasted on TBS TV in Japan, which is franchised by Eva Air on board.

TOP-10 / Jetstar — Singaporeans

The painted plane was designed by Michael Ng designer in Singapore and operated by Jetstar.

The 2018 – 2019 annual list has been published. Our evaluation committee expects to see more works of aviation art in this list next year, thereby creating a stronger artistic atmosphere for the global civil aviation industry.

Media Contact:
José Longfellow