Genies Launches Verified Program to Help Celebrities, Influencers and Brands Increase Engagement on Social Media Platforms via Digital Avatars

Genies, Inc., a digital avatar company, announced an SDK in November 2018 and is now working with celebrities and influencers to integrate their customized avatars as a way to express themselves on all social and digital platforms. Access is only given to top tier, notable individuals within their respective industries. Besides helping celebrities and influencers, the company also allows brands such as Gucci to integrate its avatars into all accepted forms of communication.

Genies is creating avatars that can live virtually anywhere in the digital world. Through their SDK, companies can integrate Genies into their services. Genies will soon be available on iMessage, Giphy, WhatsApp, and dozens of other apps.

With Genies Verification, individuals that are accepted receive:

  • CUSTOM GENIE AVATAR – Personalized treatment from Genies creative and engineering teams to express themselves in the digital world. The team conducts an in-depth analysis of personification and identity to create the perfect, 3D digital animated version of each celebrity. Each Official Genie is hand-crafted to fit each celebrity exact brand needs.
  • CUSTOM DIGITAL CONTENT – Genies wants to bring digital identities to life by representing celebrities and their brand. Theyll collaborate with celebrities and their brand obligations and define social moments by crafting unique content though their Genie. The use cases have ranged from brand promotions, events, announcements, music videos, commercials, and more. Verified members can utilize their animated Genie avatar through various digital platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Giphy, and personalized keyboard apps built by Genies.

We truly believe avatar communication is permanently reshaping human interaction, said Genies CEO Akash Nigam. After seeing the feedback since launch, weve realized how valuable our tool has been for celebrities to further engage followers along with create content for their brand partnerships. Our team is working to approve key people out of the thousands that have applied within the next month.

For more information or to apply to be Verified, please visit


Genies, Inc. is an avatar technology company based in Venice, Calif. College-dropouts Akash Nigam, and Evan Rosenbaum, both 26, started the company in 2015. Genies has raised $25 million in capital from an eclectic group of venture capital firms and angel investors.

Mike Paffman
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