Framework® and EarnUp Transform Homeownership with New Technology

Pioneering technology partnership delivers innovative solutions to communities nationwide

Today, Framework Homeownership and EarnUp announced a partnership that aims to increase the financial wellness of homeowners by offering a personalized combination of financial technology solutions throughout the homeownership journey. The partnership is being supported with funding from EarnUp investor Acumen America, a nonprofit venture fund tackling problems of poverty in the United States provided by a grant from Acumen.

“We are excited to align our two mission-driven organizations to help everyday Americans build wealth through homeownership,” said Danielle Samalin, CEO of Framework. “Framework’s mission is to increase access to affordable homeownership, especially for first-time and first-generation homebuyers. Many people are shut out from financial opportunities that can have a lasting impact for generations due to disparate access to knowledge, tools, and resources that make homeownership a reality. This partnership with EarnUp will support homeowners as they navigate this critical financial decision making, so they can do so with confidence.”

Framework is the housing industry’s leading provider of online homeownership education, offered and accepted by more than 200 industry partners nationwide, including national lenders and Federal Home Loan Banks. Over 300,000 homebuyers from all 50 states have used Framework’s existing platform since its launch in 2012.

EarnUp is a mission-driven financial technology platform that offers a convenient and customer-centric loan payments platform to help the over 200 million indebted Americans better manage their loans and get out of debt faster. EarnUp currently manages over $1,000,000,000 in loans for consumers nationally.

Under the new partnership, Framework customers are provided an integrated technology experience including access to EarnUp’s application that improves budgeting for mortgage and loan payments by withdrawing necessary funds when income is received. EarnUp makes automated payments of multiple debts in one central place, reducing missed payments and late fees while providing automated personalized financial education recommendations for getting out of debt faster.

“We are a customer-driven platform, and we have heard from many of our customers that they would like Framework to support them as homeowners as they manage their mortgage payments, especially combined with other debt,” said Samalin. “This partnership has the potential to extend its benefits beyond just our customers as it strengthens smart homeownership, lowering delinquency rates and increasing housing stability nationwide.”

“The high rate of mortgage delinquency and default is forcing too many low-income families out of their homes and does long-term damage to their financial health,” said Amon Anderson, Director of Acumen America. “Integrating EarnUp’s technology into Framework’s homebuyer education product has the potential to transform the ability of low-income Americans to successfully participate in the homeowner market and climb the ladder to financial health.”

“Homeownership education combined with technology works,” said EarnUp Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Cooper. “This innovative partnership opens doors to people formerly left out of the wealth-building process of owning a home using our tools and resources. By using EarnUp’s platform, we can strengthen the consumer’s ability to make payments on time, avoid foreclosure, and build financial resilience.”

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