Forget the hidden costs when borrowing money

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There are times in everyone’s life when we all need a little help to manage our money. The end of the month pay day seems to get increasingly further away, as our disposable income is used to pay one off bills, regular standing orders for mortgage payments and everyday living expenses. Quick cash access then becomes a real help for families faced with a bill they did not expect. Sometimes it is something that we really need and at others, it might just be the opportunity to take advantage of a discount or a 2-for-1 offer. No matter what it is for, knowing that you can call upon a little bit of extra cash at short notice, really can out your mind at rest.

It’s also important to know that in these situations, the lender really is doing proper checks to make sure that taking another loan, no matter how small, is not actually just making things worse. A responsible lender will go through a list of questions to make sure that the loan is affordable – the questions will be about your income, your job and other outstanding commitments.

MYJAR takes its responsibilities to their customers and their financial well-being extremely seriously. They are very clear that a quick short term loan is not always the right solution to a person’s financial needs. Therefore loans are never more than £500, with the first loan not more than £100 – loans are offered with a representative APR of 3943%.

Before applying for a quick loan from MYJAR there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to ensure that this method of borrowing will be suitable for you. Is the loan for daily non-essential items? Do you worry that you might have trouble repaying the loan on time? Are you already seriously worried about your finances?

On the other hand, if you need a helping hand to pay a bill that is due shortly before payday, or you need to cover a cheque that is going to be cashed before your pay gets into the bank, then a MYJAR loan could be the right option for you. Ensuring that you fully understand the process, MYJAR will take you through the loan procedure and payback methods, using clear and simple language free of financial jargon.

There are no hidden costs to this quick loan procedure if you repay on time but you need to remember that MYJAR loans are only made for 18 days and if you repay late, charges will be added. Plus, due to their championing of debt charities, they ensure customers are signposted if they need further debt guidance.

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