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Nature of Business
Zercatto is an online platform that enables investors to maximise returns on their own portfolios by giving them access to the trading strategies of some of the most successful market experts. Designed to ensure investors do not incur unnecessary fees, Zercatto enables investors to follow expert strategies for a fixed weekly fee, but investors are only required to pay if the strategy they are following is profitable; there are no commission fees, no management fees, and no charges per trade.

Zercatto was founded on the following principles:

  •  Management fees and charging a commission on the trades you make, regardless of how low they are, are unnecessary.
  •  As an investor, you should only pay when you make a profit.
  •  A single banker or single team of bankers does not know what is best for your investment portfolio – especially due to the fact that people are now investing all over the world and across different sectors and instruments.
  •  You should not rely blindly on algorithmic trading; you should have complete control over your own portfolio.
  •  Indices should not be tracked; they should be beaten!

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Follow Investment Experts And Profit Like Them
Follow Investment Experts And Profit Like Them

Locations and Markets operated in
Zercatto is headquartered in Porto, Portugal and has a base in London, UK (at the Seedcamp offices). The company is run by its three founders; Gaspar d’Orey, Gonçalo Moreira, and Pedro Torres. Zercatto is a global company and Experts trade in markets across the globe, with a special focus on European markets and US markets, global currency pairs, Gold, Silver and ETF’s.

Brief history of the company
Zercatto was founded in 2012 and in 2013 it was one of only seven companies to be selected for investment from Seedcamp. Seedcamp is the most connected international seed investor in the world and is Europe’s leading micro-seed investment and mentoring program.

Before founding Zercatto, CEO and co-founder Gaspar d’Orey worked as a fund manager at Orey Group where he went on to become Director of the Private Wealth Management Division. Since the start of his career, he has developed his own trading strategies that provide returns in excess of 40% a year.

Products/services offered
Zercatto is shaking up the investment world and is making investment a transparent, fair and realistic activity for people with money to invest. It enables investors to maximise returns on their own portfolios by giving them access to the trading strategies of some of the most successful expert investors. These experts are the rare individuals who know how to invest at 10-30% returns a year in upward or downward markets.

Zercatto Experts have generated returns of over 70% in the last 12 months alone. As an investor, you sign up to Zercatto and can immediately start following expert trading strategies and replicate their trades in real-time. Zercatto works on a “pay as you win” model, so the investor only pays if the Expert sees positive returns week on week.

Investors can choose an expert portfolio to follow based on a range of criteria, including:

  •  Trading history
  •  Risk profile
  •  Efficiency ratio
  •  Geography
  •  Asset class
  •  Trading frequency
  •  Trading strategy (fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or algorithmic trading)
  •  Style (scalper, day trader, swing trader, position trader)

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