Elpis investments to build world’s first AI-based crypto-asset management fund

Elpis Investments has announced the intention to build the world’s first AI-based crypto-asset management fund to enhance the traditional world of hedge fund trading.

Through the effective use of its proprietary AI technology, Elpis Investments removes human bias from investment practices, delivering tailored, transparent strategies with lower costs and higher returns.

Due to its confidence in its offering, the Elpis Investments fund will charge no management fees but be paid purely on performance – 20% of profits made – meaning that it only wins, when its clients win.

Unlike traditional hedge funds, Elpis Investments will open up its platform and strategies to the non-professional/retail investors by giving them access to their trading signals to enable them to mirror their trades easily. In a bid for radical transparency, they will put every trade and transaction on the Blockchain Public Account Ledger for ultimate accountability.

The Elpis Investments team has been testing its strategies on US equities, futures and, more recently, cryptocurrencies since 2008 and has consistently beaten the S&P. Over the period 28/12/07 to 10/03/17 it has reduced the maximum monthly drawdown (decline in fund value) from -37.26% to 1.45% – a reduction of 25x. Additionally, risk (volatility) has also been reduced 3.5x from 21.09% to 6.05 over the same period as illustrated in the table below.


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Table 1: Elpis Investments Testing Period: 28/12/2007 – 10/03/2017

Average yearly P&L14.17%6.86%7.32%
Cumulative Weighted Return78.01%69.91%8.40%
Maximum Monthly Drawdown-1.45%-37.26%-35.81%
Risk (volatility)6.05%21.09%-15.04%

In the past three months, Elpis Investments has been using its trading signals to generate trades with impressive returns of more than 30% over the quarter. 

Table 2: Elpis Investments Fund Performance April 2018 – June 2018

Account Size: $40,000
April P&L$3,358.338.4%
May P&L$3,044.967.61%
June P&L$6,157.9815.39%
TOTAL P&L$12,561.2731.40%

In order to build out the fund, Elpis Investments is currently in private allocation, ahead of an ICO in August 2018, with early investors able to benefit from enticing discounts for purchasing ELP tokens. The target raise is $10m and 80% of funds raised will go to Assets Under Management. Anything over $10m will go directly into the AUM fund to benefit clients.

To participate, potential backers are invited to apply for Whitelisting via the Elpis Investments website with ETHER stored and protected in an escrow account via smart contract. ELP tokens will then be distributed into individual wallets after the close of the ICO.

In total, 250 million ELP tokens will be issued of which, 87 million ELP tokens will be available in the Public Sale at a starting price of $0.11 with the price increasing with every 14.5million tokens sold. The main sale will begin Monday 13th August 2018.

Elpis Investments CEO, Anatoly Castella said:

“The world of institutional investment is long overdue a shakeup to rebuild trust and encourage more transparency. Those who can perform should have nothing to hide and that’s why our fund will be paid only on results achieved. Our proprietary AI technology will remove human bias and error to ensure higher returns, less risk and complete visibility to clients.

“We also believe that hedge fund trading should be open to retail investors too which is why, for the 1st year, all token holders will have access to our trading signals platform, so they can easily mirror our trading strategies and see directly the returns and results we can achieve.

“Our ICO will help us to build the hybrid fund of the future, using our knowledge and success in traditional futures combined with the opportunities brought about by cryptocurrencies and blockchain.”