Five ways to keep your gadgets safe at home 

With data revealing that the market for insurance for UK households was worth an estimated £19.9bn in 2016 and is expected to be worth over £26.6 billion by 2025³, it might be assumed that Brits have a good understanding of their house insurance.

However, one in five (19%) of those surveyed by mobile phone insurance provider, Better Buy Insurance, admitted that they don’t have a house insurance policy and, of those that do, 80% don’t really understand what it covers them for.

Over a quarter of Brits (26%) admit they aren’t aware of whether their house insurance covers them for phone loss, with three out of ten people not aware if they are covered for water damage, and a quarter of people (25%) not sure if they are covered for a cracked screen.

Following the findings, Gary Beeston, Director at specialist smartphone insurer, Better Buy Insurance, gives his top five tips on keeping your gadgets safe in the home:

  1. Use protective casing

Screen protectors and protective cases are a must to keep your gadgets safe, especially with the sleek designs of handsets nowadays. Dropping your phone is very easily done and the results can be catastrophic, leaving you with a shattered screen at the very minimum. Protective cases are manufactured to be shockproof with enhanced grip, leaving you with peace of mind that accidents can happen but shouldn’t result in a smashed phone.



  1. Think ‘out of sight, out of mind’

Don’t leave anything on display that may tempt a thief to break in. This applies to your phone, but also tablets, laptops or car keys. Similarly, refrain from leaving a spare key in an obvious place such as under a flower pot or where a passer-by could see you hiding it.



  1. Don’t leave your phone ‘on the edge’

Be vigilant about not placing your phone on the edge of any worktops or other surfaces. This costly mistake accounts for many phone disasters every day and is super simple to remember. Another smartphone tragedy which can be avoided is dropping it down it the toilet. This is much more common than you might think, so take extra care when using back pockets.



  1. Keep out of reach of pets (and babies)

Mistaking a chewy toy for the latest tech is an easy mistake to make, right? You’d think so with the amount of times pets get their teeth into our devices. Similarly, curious babies and toddlers love to spin a smartphone round in their hands before dropping it on the floor, which can also lead to damage. To prevent this, never leave your phone or any other valuables lying around – you never know what will look like a toy to your furry friend or giggly baby.



  1. Don’t advertise your whereabouts

Don’t disclose future holiday plans to tradesmen or anyone unfamiliar and be careful of broadcasting holiday plans or pictures of yourself while you’re away on social media. Whether you’re leaving the country or just popping next door, it’s important to keep all doors and windows locked when you’re out too. Many break-ins are opportunistic, so be sure not to make it easy for them.

To find out more about how to protect your mobile phone visit the Better Buy Insurance website:

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