Eurizon strengthens its presence in Europe

After Paris, offices also open in Zurich and Frankfurt

Eurizon is pursuing its international development strategy, strengthening its presence in Germany and opening a commercial office in Switzerland.

From 2 July, Jörg Ahlheid, who takes on the role of Senior Sales Manager for Germany and Austria, joins the Eurizon sales team in Frankfurt alongsideHowardLuder, Country Head for Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Eurizon is an Intesa Sanpaolo Group company. Both Howard Luder and Jörg Ahlheid have more than 20 years of experience in asset management, developing business for some of the world’s leading asset managers and for several major specialised investment boutique concerns.

On the same date Eurizon expanded its commercial presence in Switzerland, with Manuel Dalla Corte as Country Head Switzerland. Manuel Dalla Corte has 14years of experience with leading international asset management companies in the distribution of funds on the wholesale market.

The two new structures, coordinated by the Luxembourg-based Eurizon Capital S.A.

  • whose CEO, since July 2nd, is Marco Bus– join the French branch in Paris which was established in 2015. Romain Roucoules, Country Head, and Cedric Genet, Senior Sales Manager for France and Belgium, are already operative here. Roucoules and Genet also have more than twenty years of experience in asset management with a number of major French companies, with a particular focus on institutional clients.

Finally, Eurizon has initiated the authorisation process for the opening of a commercial branch in Spain.

The establishment of new offices in Europe and the strengthening of the existing ones are included in the objectives of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s 2018-21 Business Plan. The Group aims to become a European leader in the Wealth Management & Protection area. Indeed, this development strategy is indicative of the Group’s intention to further enhance its international activity in asset management, with a focus on selected European markets.

Eurizon’s results over the last three years confirm the company’s ability to compete at a European level: in 2017 it distinguished itself in Europe as the leading operator in

terms of inflows to multi-asset funds1 and the third in terms of total net inflows to mutual funds2. In 2015, Eurizon was ranked second in Europe in terms of total inflows to mutual funds, rising to first place in this category in 20163.

“We have opted to grow our business in certain strategic European countries, through the establishment of local branches. We believe that our presence in the field represents the best approach for penetrating these markets, as it facilitates relations with domestic institutional customers”, says Gabriele Miodini, Head of Sales &Client Management at Eurizon Capital S.A.. “Germany, France and Switzerland are included as key countries in our plan to strengthen our presence in Continental Europe; these are flanked by Spain and Nordics, where we have been establishing fruitful collaborations with networks of local placement agents for some time now. We are confident that we will achieve significant growth at an international level by leveraging the consolidated experience that Eurizon has gained in Italy.”

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