EF5-Hardened Data Center Heads to Market in the Dallas Region

Ascent partners with Cushman & Wakefield to offer unique enterprise-grade, rack-ready DAL1 Data Center space in one of the country’s hottest data center markets

Ascent, a leading provider of data center solutions, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Cushman & Wakefield Data Center Advisory Services to market the company’s DAL1 data center in Plano, north of Dallas. The purpose-built, EF5-hardened facility with protected infrastructure can withstand winds up to 360 mph. It has 2.7 megawatts of critical power, expandable up to 5.4 megawatts.

“Ascent has chosen Cushman & Wakefield because of its local data center team’s proven track record of success,” said Phil Horstmann, CEO of Ascent. “We look forward to working with the local Cushman & Wakefield team to solve for users’ data center needs that require physically robust and secure facilities in one of the fastest-growing tech markets in the country. We provide tenants with the necessary delivery and operational flexibility to safe guard their data as well as our personalized, around-the-clock support to meet their technical, operational and financial objectives.”

Since acquiring the DAL1 data center, Ascent has completed an engineering and construction overhaul of the purpose-built facility to deliver a highly reliable and efficient data center capable of supporting higher density deployments. Currently, the 43,300-square-foot facility boasts a 17,700-square-foot, server-ready data hall and offers expansion capability for up to 74,400 square feet for a total of 40,000 square feet of raised floor. The highly secure facility is outfitted with 15-inch reinforced concrete walls, a 13.5-inch reinforced concrete roof, blast doors and hardened infrastructure which is protected from wind and storm debris.

“DAL1 offers a compelling opportunity for corporate end-users, data center operators, and cloud providers,” said Alex Smith, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield Data Center Advisory Services. “We look forward to working with Ascent and to contributing our global expertise to market its development.”

“Data center users and investors have flocked to the Dallas region for a number of reasons,” said Rick Hughes, Executive Managing Director, Cushman &Wakefield. “By 2030, Texas will become the largest ‘Mega Region’, surpassing the Boston-New York-D.C. Mega Region in population,” he said. “The recognition of the population explosion in Texas offers unique opportunities for data centers to be near the people they serve. Additionally, Dallas offers competitive, deregulated power and superior fiber connectivity, in the most business-friendly state in the Union.”

To learn more about Ascent’s DAL1 in Plano, click here.


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