DocAuto, a globally trusted leader of Enterprise Content Management solutions and services, celebrates signing their 500th customer to their Matter-Centric management for iManage Work solution, WorkSpace Manager.

Originally released in 2005, WorkSpace Manager is the only single solution for automating and managing the entire Matter-Centric environment while exclusively utilizing the three-tier architecture of iManage Work. Over the years, WorkSpace Manager has adapted to the ever growing needs of its customers and has continuously empowered users to efficiently manage every aspect of the iManage Work environment throughout the entire WorkSpace lifecycle. As a result, WorkSpace Manager continues to be the leading 3rd party application for generating Matter-Centric WorkSpaces according to ILTA’s annual technology survey.

“Having unparalleled knowledge of the proper way to interact with iManage has guaranteed our customers safe, easy, and effective iManage systems maintenance capabilities for years. Our use of the three-tier architecture and the approved iManage APIs has also made the movement to cloud-hosted iManage seamless for many of our customers,” said David Kiefer, CEO of DocAuto. Erin Duncan, Director of Marketing adds, “Our clients’ confidence in WorkSpace Manager’s abilities has resulted in the continued growth of this application. WorkSpace Manager customers span over 20 countries and include numerous members of the AMLAW Top 200, Fortune 500, and the IPA 100.”