Crossmatch and Accordant Technology Announce Partnership to Bring DigitalPersona Authentication Software to Customers

Partnership delivers mobility, security and virtualization solutions to healthcare, financial services and retail customers

Crossmatch®, a globally-recognized leader in biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions, and Accordant Technology, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to offer advanced authentication to enterprise customers.

Accordant Technology will be an authorized reseller offering Crossmatch’s state-of-the-art DigitalPersona┬« software to its base of customers. Accordant specializes in helping organizations get the most out of their mobility and virtualization solutions. Security is a necessary component of both core technology areas.

“Virtualization is enabling organizations to better centralize control of their data and manage their devices,” noted Anthony Graziano, Director of North American Channel Sales for Crossmatch. “But many organizations overlook the importance of assuring the identity of the remote user. The addition of DigitalPersona multifactor authentication to Accordant’s Citrix domain expertise gives customers a partner that focuses on delivery security, convenience and user friendly technology solutions.”

DigitalPersona is a comprehensive, integrated authentication solution that secures disparate applications and systems using a common administration and authentication interface. It provides for the security of all IT assets on-premises, in the cloud or combinations in between.

The solution transcends 2FA and MFA offerings by delivering an optimal mix of factors enabling risk-based authentication policies that adapt to dynamic threat environments and increasingly complex IT environments. DigitalPersona offers a superior range of authentication methods that meet the needs of any user, including mobile-based, biometric, behavioral and traditional factors.

“Digital transformation is pushing an ‘access to everything mentality,” said Tim Tyler, CEO of Accordant. “One of our strengths is helping customers secure their entire business from anywhere, at any time, and through any device. Crossmatch DigitalPersona gives us the advantage of truly being able to deliver on securing digital assets and people against the threat of identity compromise and inappropriate use.”

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