Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales & Services Company Leverages Liaison Technologies’ “Embrace & Replace” Program to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Industry-First Program Deploys Future-Proof Liaison ALLOY Platform To Provide a Path to a Modern, Cloud-Based Architecture

Enterprise IT leaders often find that aging technologies that cannot accommodate modern application integration and data management needs are an obstacle to digital transformation.

Liaison Technologies, a recognized leader in cloud-based application integration and data management solutions, today announced the launch of the industry’s first “Embrace & Replace” program, which gives enterprises that currently use legacy technologies a low-risk, transformational path to the cloud. Liaison also announced that the Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales & Services (CCBSS) Company is its first Embrace & Replace program customer.

CCBSS, which is owned by independent U.S. Coca-Cola bottlers, supports the operations for the Coca-Cola System. CCBSS sought a more modern architecture for its supply chain operations to enhance the experience for its stakeholders and move away from a do-it-yourself strategy for connecting legacy technologies to cloud-based services. Liaison Technologies’ Embrace & Replace strategy leverages Liaison’s breakthrough ALLOY® Platform to ease enterprises’ transformation to cloud technology. The program empowers select enterprise companies to seamlessly transition from legacy on-premises integration and middleware technologies to the industry’s most advanced, future-proof, cloud-based solution — the Liaison ALLOY® Platform.

Liaison’s Embrace & Replace program eliminates key economic barriers and manages risks to change that are keeping companies from achieving the kind of advanced integration and data management environment they need to realize digital transformation. CCBSS selected the Embrace & Replace program to replace its legacy technology. Upon completion of the transition period, Liaison will assume management of CCBSS’s existing environment and processes to seamlessly migrate data integration and management to the ALLOY Platform under Liaison’s managed services approach.

“Use of a modern, cloud-based architecture is a huge win for our supply chain,” said Rodolfo Quiroz, Vice President of IT at CCBSS. “It will significantly reduce onboarding time, make change requests more visible, and facilitate faster project completion, which is a major upgrade since each project is unique. We conducted an extensive review to find the right partner, and Liaison’s offer to take over our current environment and migrate functions to achieve a seamless transition was compelling.”

With Embrace & Replace, enterprises can move toward digital transformation, allowing Liaison to operate and manage their existing on-premises B2B/EDI, MFT, integration, or middleware environments while transforming their internal processes to leverage the advanced capabilities of the Liaison ALLOY Platform. Embrace & Replace deploys both technology and people, freeing existing enterprise IT professionals to work on more strategic tasks.

“Many companies today are struggling to achieve a digital transformation because the legacy applications that they have invested in for decades are fragile and nearly impossible to modify or enhance, thereby inhibiting digital transformation,” said Rob Consoli, Chief Revenue Officer for Liaison. “Our industry-first Embrace & Replace program enables enterprises that desire to move to a modern cloud-based architecture to accommodate all of their integration and data management needs but lack the manpower to facilitate the transition of existing legacy infrastructure, systems, and processes, to deploy our people, our processes, and our innovative Liaison ALLOY Platform to advance to a future state with minimal risk and impact to their business. We’re excited to partner with CCBSS to provide a world-class architecture to support enhanced supply chain operations.”

Ideally suited for organizations that rely on aging technologies or middleware environments, but seek a modern cloud-based architecture, Liaison’s Embrace & Replace program can help companies achieve digital transformation while minimizing disruption to business operations, facilitating clean and transformational migration to the advanced, cloud-based Liaison ALLOY Platform. Liaison will assume management of enterprises’ existing B2B/EDI, MFT, A2A, or middleware environments and associated people resources and processes while seamlessly migrating enterprises over 6 to 18 months to the Liaison ALLOY Platform.
The ALLOY Platform, backed by a unique professional services delivery model, recognizes all patterns of integration and provides comprehensive data management capabilities within a single unified platform. Created from the ground up on a modern microservices and big-data architecture to address today’s technology disruptors, ALLOY is a next-generation cloud platform capable of handling today’s integration and data management challenges — with the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges. With robust, built-in security and compliance features, ALLOY persists data in a big data repository, providing on-demand, self-service access to clean, quality data that enterprises can use to innovate and achieve a data-inspired future.

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