•     CitNOW is hosting a motorcycle dealer-focused video technology learning event at Rockingham Motor Speedway on May 25th
  •     Showing how CitNOW’s video communication technology can benefit sales, service and customer satisfaction, this Discovery event is completely free
  •     Spaces are limited so register here to secure your attendance

discover-bikeCitNOW, the UK’s leading expert in personalised automotive video, is inviting all motorcycle retailers to a comprehensive introduction to using video technology in motorcycle dealerships on May 25th, demonstrating how video can benefit their sales and service businesses.

Free to attend, this exclusive Discover Video event will be held at Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby, Leicestershire on May 25th and is open to all bike retailers. Called ‘Discover CitNOW Sales, Web and Workshop’, it is a complete guide to using personalised video in the showroom and workshop with the aim of increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

CitNOW will share with retailers why video works so well and how it can generate ROI almost immediately. Some of the biggest names in the industry who are already benefitting from the introduction of video communication with customers will be sharing their experience.

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CitNOW, which was founded in 2008, has pioneered the use of personalised automotive video technology, leading to a sharp rise in the amount and quality of video being demanded by consumers.

CitNOW works with 91 of the Top 100 automotive dealer groups in the UK and currently more than 50% of the franchised dealer network in the UK now uses video technology. Having established itself in the automotive market, motorcycle business is a rapidly growing area for CitNOW where the benefits of video technology in improving customer service are directly transferrable.

The Rockingham Motor Speedway event runs from 9am to 1pm. Spaces are limited, so register here now to secure your attendance.

Gordon Grant, Sales Director at CitNOW, said: “The motorcycle market is a hugely important and rapidly growing part of CitNOW’s business and with more and more retailers discovering how video communications can help servicing and sales, we’re encouraging the motorcycle retail network to spend time with us to get to know the technology and practice behind it.

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“As many retailers have already found, CitNOW can help show distinctive parts on a bike that still images just can’t capture, create desire before the customer even steps foot into a dealership, improve satisfaction at every point of the journey and build trust in the workshop by showing the customer the work that is required. The benefits really are across the board.

“For those dealers who haven’t signed up yet and are interested to learn more, we’re thrilled to be hosting ‘Discover CitNOW, Sales, Web and Workshop’ at Rockingham on May 25th. This is a dedicated bike event that’s a must-attend event for any motorcycle retailer who wants to see what CitNOW can do. Register now!”

Motorcycle retailers in attendance, who sign up to CitNOW on the day, are eligible for an exclusive offer of a combined one-day sales and workshop training session with the CitNOW Academy. The combined training session represents excellent value for money with a saving made over purchasing individual sessions.

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