This New York City-based company offers a full-service solution for businesses to build credit, making them more attractive to private lenders and allowing them to secure fast funding that traditional banks cannot offer.

Today businesses are facing increasing difficulty obtaining funding, but a team of innovative and intelligent business professionals has a solution guaranteed to help these business owners. Cash Angels can help businesses become qualified for funding they not only want, but may desperately need. The company’s motto is “Let us take you under our wing.”

“I can’t count how many entrepreneurs I’ve met that were desperate for cash but didn’t know how to appeal to lenders,” says Leonard R. Gendelberg, President and CEO of Cash Angels, Inc. “I knew we had to change that. America is the land of opportunity, but few people know how to access the opportunities all around them. Our company helps new and established businesses cut through the bureaucratic red tape. Being in business can have its tough moments – especially when you’re starting out and in need of cash, or you have an established business but poor credit. Lenders routinely are unfriendly when it comes to funding either new businesses or poorly qualified existing businesses.”

Cash Angels is different. It provides a full-service solution to business owners. We guide businesses through every step until they secure the cash they need. Whether it’s improving personal credit, building business credit, or helping with a business plan – we can help with all of that. There’s no reason to run from one place to another – we are a one-stop shop. Cash Angels will walk you through a comprehensive 20-point compliance checklist to ensure that your business meets or exceeds lending guidelines. You can even speak with our attorney on legal issues. Our goal is to make it easier to establish business credit and get business cash. Cash Angels is a pioneer in the world of business cash.”

You can check out Cash Angel’s launch video on YouTube (

Leonard is particularly proud of the business credit establishment program. “What most people don’t realize is that many businesses don’t have a real business credit score, and while some businesses use business credit cards, those cards don’t report to the business credit bureaus – you’re making payments but the payments aren’t reported. It’s not the system for personal credit cards. This lack of reporting tremendously affects a business’s credit score and the potential for business cash. Our program lets businesses to get an “A” credit score, so companies have more power to reach new and higher funding levels.”

Leonard believes business owners needing these services will skyrocket, which bodes well for the future of Cash Angels. “We can proudly say that our relationships with lenders a can help businesses throughout the country get what they need to make their companies grow.” Among the products Cash Angels offers are 401k Plan Financing; Accounts Receivable Financing; Business Lines of Credit; Business Revenue Financing; Commercial Real Estate Financing; Equipment Financing; Franchise Financing; Hard Money Loans for Commercial Properties; Inventory Financing; Merchant Cash Advances; Purchase Order Financing; and Small Business Administration “SBA” Loans.

Cash Angels also offers consumer programs for Debt Consolidation Loans; Hard Money Loans for Residential Properties; Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit; Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans; Personal Lines of Credit; and Student Loan Consolidation.

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