Clients of LegacyONE Authors CEO Karen Lynn Maher Report ‘Huge’ Boost in Business

Karen Lynn Maher
Karen Lynn Maher

Executive book-writing coach Karen Lynn Maher, CEO of LegacyONE Authors, is offering new writing services in 2016 for business owners and executives who wish to position themselves as thought leaders in their fields. “I guide business executives through the process of writing and publishing compelling, well-written books about their expertise,” said Maher. “Authoring a book expands the business owners’ reach, establishes them as an expert in their field, and is a credibility-building tool that leads to increased business.”

Maher offers three levels of coaching for 2016, including Platinum Author Coaching with a one-year commitment using a qualified ghostwriter, Gold Author Coaching for six months in which the client does the writing, a Monthly Accountability Coaching program, as well as a 5-week ExpertBook Kickstart Teleclass. “I want to give people the opportunity to start where they feel comfortable, with different price points to enable them to write their book,” said Maher.

Results are impressive for clients of LegacyONE Authors. When Alert Tech CEO Marge Laney launched her book about fitting rooms, Fit Happens; Analog Buying in a Digital World, Laney signed a new client that brings millions of dollars to her company’s bottom line. “Karen has the ability to pull the information out of you and she helped me organize my years of retail knowledge so that it made sense,” said Laney. “She helped me get my message on the written page.”

The book enabled Laney to land media interviews with ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, KING-TV’s New Day Northwest in Seattle, The Wall Street Journal, and a number of retail industry publications. “The kind of exposure from writing a book and promoting it is something I had only dreamed of,” said Laney. “Now when people search online for a fitting room expert, my name comes up.”

LOGOAnother of Maher’s clients, “sassy psychotherapist” Jessica Butts, recently launched her book Live Your Life From the Front Seat. It explores the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, and teaches readers how they can live their life more effectively by determining their best behaviors.

“Writing the book has helped me leverage my business model, which is huge for business owners like me who charge hourly rates,” said Butts. “It would be safe to say that launching the book has allowed me to work half as much and make twice as much money.”

Maher emphasizes her proven book-writing methodology for potential authors to help them through the process, as well as her strong relationships within the book industry that result in a well-written, quality published book.

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