How To Write A Book?

Are you a person who loves to weave in stories, writes narratives in the head or love to tell a story? Then, you might be ready to write a book, though it is a challenging task to start and time-consuming also. It might take several months or many years to complete writing a book. So before you jump into writing one, ensure you have the time and the energy to do it. Now that you have decided to write a book, read below how to write one.

  1. Think About What You Are Going To Write First: The best way to start writing a book is to know what you are going to write about. The idea may be something that you got inspired to while reading a book, watching a movie or might be someone’s life story, it is essential that the concept you have is good, irrespective of the genre. Once you have the idea you should develop it to make great content as that matters a great deal.
  1. Conduct a Research: As a writer, you should know what your readers like and dislike. Spend some time on the internet looking for books by other writers on the same topic. Read the top books in the niche you are writing and make notes on the various aspects of those books. Also, read the reviews both good and bad to know what the readers think. You can also gather ideas and concepts from several books and create an interesting mix from it that offers a different and fresh idea.
  1. Create a Blueprint: Write an outline of your story, about the characters and their names, backstories or places and other nitty-gritty.
  1. Build your Plot: To make your book a great page-turner, it is essential to build a nice plot. It can be done by giving the central character a major challenge that cannot be resolved until the end. As you go further ahead, ensure that the challenge increases.
  1. Enrich the Characters: Once you have named the characters build and expand them and add interaction with other characters. While you are developing your characters you will also be building the story. As you add some layers into the characters, bring in some drama and action too as readers don’t like to read a report but read things as it happens with some narration.
  1. Read the Draft and Edit it: The first draft you have will not be perfect, it’s an opportunity to refine and edit it to make a great story. The key to success in editing is to find out where you have made mistakes and address it.
  1. Get it checked by an Editor: If you are done writing and editing, it is now time for some feedback from editors. They can give valuable advice on what works and what does not work in your book. Based on the feedback you can better your book and then send it to agents.
  1. Getting a book deal: Once you are done with redoing your books based on the feedback send it to the agents. Ensure that you have a synopsis and a great cover letter and send it over from the list of agents you have shortlisted and get a book deal.

Though all of these can help you in writing your own book, it is the thought that sparks in your mind and the first bold step you take to make it a reality that makes your dream become a reality!