BOFA: Bornholm Abolishes Waste

Citizens, businesses, and tourist on the Danish island of Bornholm will, over the next 13 years, radically improve their capacity for sorting waste. The goal is that, by 2032, all waste produced on Bornholm will be reused or recycled.

With the ambitious vision “Bornholm Showing the Way”, the municipal waste company BOFA together with its users and the waste industry will develop and optimize methods for the handling and sorting all types of waste that are not currently recyclable.

Bornholm has a fully developed infrastructure and an isolated population that accounts for approximately one percent of that of Denmark, making it a perfect place to develop green change and circular economy based solutions. Experience and knowledge gained in this scheme will inspire and inform similar projects elsewhere in the world.

In approving “Bornholm Showing the Way”, the Bornholm municipal council, led by mayor Winni Grossb¸l, has placed Bornholm at the center of the sustainability world map.

You can find all the details of “Bornholm Showing the Way” vision here

BOFA’s director
Mr. Jens Hjul-Nielsen
tel. +45 56 92 55 00