Best Countries to retire and live your dream

After years of jobs, everybody wants to live a peaceful life. We are going to discuss some countries here, where you can live your dream after retirement.


If you are foodie and want to live in a country that is very popular among the retirees, then let me tell you that Mexico is the only name that can meet up your expectations.

The life-style here is low and you will be able to fit in the society easily. Locals are very friendly, and you may find large number of people from expat community. It has beach towns such as Tulum and Cancun, colonial towns like San Miguel de Allende, I mean this country offers what everybody wants, to live an excellent life.

Costa Rica

Undoubtedly Costa Rica is one of the ideal country for the retirees. It tops the list when it comes to the healthy lifestyle and health care. The best part is that you do not need thousands and lakhs to live a comfortable life here, just$500 a month is what you need to get a well-furnished two-bedroom home.


Panama is the other country, you should add up to your list of settling down after retirement. It makes the best place for the retirees. In discounts and benefits along with the residence and visas, Panama is ranked the highest. In the outer part of Panama City, you can easily live on $1,500 per month. You do not have to spend much on utilities, as it has mild climate.


Uruguay is counted among one of the most popular retirement destination. Cost of living here is notable and the capital of Uruguay has the appealing quality of life. Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay is a place where one third of the population of the country resides. Cultural vitality and serenity is what makes it stand apart.


Belize is one of the premiere destination for all the retirees. Its vibrant mainland has the beautiful and lush green canopy. Its diverse wildlife and palm-tangled Mayan ruins are the major attractions. Known for the snorkelling, diving sites, walkability and many caves Belize is no less than the perfect holiday destination. You can go scuba diving in The Great Blue Hole or if adventure doesn’t excite you, then you can move towards the San Pedro which is a small town far away from all the hustle bustle. Apart of all the adventures and comfortable living let me tell you that Belize also have the great program for retirees. There is a program named as QRP or Qualified Retired Persons Program, here the government exempt the qualified retirees from the taxes that have incurred on the income derived outside Belize, person should be of 45 years of age to be eligible for this program.


Ecuador proves to be the overwhelmingly attractive destination for the retirees. It provides the comfortable living at $1,800 a month. A furnished apartment could easily be rented out in the Cuenca which is a colonial city, for $600 a month and even less than that. The transportation cost is also very nominal, you can travel across the town by a taxi in $2 or $3.


Malaysia is a country then can provide you the comfortable living at $1,500 a month. It is one of the best Southeast Asian country that is known for its great heath care, lifestyle and entertainment. Retirees would love to stay here.

So, what are you thinking, analyse, examine and pack your bags to live a life you have always dreamt of, choice is all yours.

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