• Rise of unprecedented cyber-attacks demonstrates need for consumers to be extra vigilant when banking online and on the move

Give yourself that extra layer of protection:

  • Protect your computer and mobile devices with up-to-date security software and install regular security and software updates. Barclays offers free Kaspersky security software for all its online banking customers
  • Only use the official Mobile Banking apps for your bank and only download apps from an official app store
  • Never log in to Online Banking through a link in an email. Either type the address into your browser or use your bookmarks
  • Create PINs or passwords that are hard to guess. For example, the most secure passwords use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Change your PIN or password immediately if you think someone may have discovered it
  • Don’t give anyone your security details and never write them down or store them on your mobile in a way that might be recognised by someone else
  • Never give your PIN, password, or full security details to anyone who calls you, and never reveal them in an email or text message
  • Banks will never call you and ask you to transfer money to a new account, so ignore such calls. Ensure your bank has your latest mobile number so it can contact you if it spots unusual or suspicious activity on your account