The UK’s fastest growing business outsourcer has urged companies to protect themselves from data theft and payroll disruption by outsourcing electronic BACS payments, after Microsoft pulled support for Windows XP operating system this week.

Parseq wants to remove the headache Microsoft created for thousands of businesses in the UK by offering to make payments on their behalf using its own secure operating system.

Many businesses will be tempted to continue to use Windows XP – it is estimated one in five PCs worldwide run it – but they will be much more vulnerable to cyber attacks because no more security patches will be released, meaning that any new vulnerabilities will be open to attack.

This raises the spectre of personal and corporate data theft and disruption to payments for businesses going online to send electronic BACS transfers to staff, suppliers and HMRC.

Paul Barrett, Business Development Director at Parseq, said: “Some banks and government departments are paying Microsoft millions of pounds to extend support and manage their migration to a new operating system securely.

“Many smaller organisations can’t afford to upgrade but also cannot accept the risk of security breaches. We are offering to remove the danger by handling payment activities using our own submission and payment generation software.

“It means businesses can sidestep the costs of software ownership and maintenance, and avoid the need to upgrade their OS until they are ready.”