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Atradius Corporate Video
The Atradius Corporate Video, a film which runs for approximately 4 minutes, is an audio-visual introduction to Atradius.
We are a reliable partner for secure business transactions since 1925. Our objectives and goals are anchored in our name, Atradius, a compound of “trade” and “radius” — indicating our determination and commitment to ensure safe global trade through our 360˚ view of international business.
At Atradius, credit insurance isn’t just a way of preventing liquidity squeeze, loss in revenue or even insolvency following payment default or bad debt. It is also a rewarding investment in the sustainability of your company. We give you a head start with information that enables you to focus on profitable growth. To this end, a networked team of experts operates worldwide – monitoring companies, markets and countries around the globe.
In a globalised business world, risks become more and more complex. We help you to identify these and align them with your opportunities – to create a perfect balance.

Atradius — managing risk, enabling trade